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Six on Saturday 23.04.2022

Another week has passed, another week of sunshine with one or two showers, but not enough showers to keep plants happy that I have just planted, so its out with the watering can once more. Lots more plants are starting … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday 15.5.21

Anyone for a paddle? No, not at the seaside but in my flooded garden. The grass is totally waterlogged, the paths are running as though they are a stream, the patio is underwater and I think I need an ark … Continue reading

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It’s Blossom Time again.

The garden has been producing wave after wave of flowers, snowdrops, crocus, narcissus and now it’s blossom time once more. Time to lift up our heads and look above head height at all the flowers that are open at the … Continue reading

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Autumn bows out in a blaze of glory. GBFD November.

The colours in the garden this week have been absolutely amazing. I took my drive round the neighbouring village a week too soon, if I had waited they would have been far more intense, must remember for next year.  For … Continue reading

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Brave hearts, all of them!

The garden at the moment is in a state of suspended animation. A few weeks ago we had one or two sunny days, everything started growing, sending out new shoots, and then arctic winds from Russia came and burnt everything. … Continue reading

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April flowers need April showers.

We are so used to having rain on and off during the winter months and of course the April  showers are well known here in England, that it doesn’t seem the same having it dry day after day. There is … Continue reading

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GBFD. The Last Leaves of Autumn.

What a strange autumn it has been so far, no frosts yet where we are, which we are told help to form the wonderful colours that we see on our trees and shrubs. However the colours have been stunning as … Continue reading

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Blossom Time

We have been so busy looking down at all the fantastic spring bulbs that have been flowering over the past 3 months, now is the time to look up and see all the blossom at eye level and above. Everywhere … Continue reading

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Coloured Verticals.

Even after all the leaves have fallen there is still so much interest to be had from coloured bark and stems. These show up much more during the winter with the low angle of the sun highlighting them.

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Autumn’s Pyrotechnics.

What a difference a few weeks makes, just a couple of weeks ago, the garden was mainly green with highlights of colour from the flowers. The month of October has been fantastic!!

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