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Six on Saturday 27.08.2022

We have had a little bit of drizzle for a few minutes this week, but at least the temperature has dropped and I think that it is this that has made the garden feel a lot better, and the gardener! … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. 20.08.2022.

This week has flown by, don’t know why, but I can’t believe it is Saturday again already. The garden is looking very autumnal which is reflected in my choice of six photos, there isn’t much left worthy of being photographed … Continue reading

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Confession time. no 1.

They say that confession is good for the soul, so here goes. I have not shown you certain areas of the garden for years now as I have thoroughly neglected them since my dear undergardener died five years ago, it … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. 13.08.2022

There is a faint glimmer of hope on the horizon, will we have rain Monday or not? Thunderstorms are coming but they won’t be everywhere here in the south west, I will just have to wait and see with my … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday 06.08.2022

Once again, no measurable rain has fallen here, one day I had high hopes when I saw large drops falling but the drops didn’t even join up on the table by the back door! The forecast for the next 7 … Continue reading

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