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Bijou residence for sale.

We have a few sitting areas in the garden but don’t get much time to sit. Last year we didn’t sit once on our swinging seat under the dead oak, so this year I thought we must have some sitting … Continue reading

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Disappointment turns into Delight

At the beginning of May I was full of hope for my Meconopsis, lovely fat buds swelling nicely.  Quite  a few plants performing well so far, gorgeous flowers in that magical shade of turquoise, then suddenly, gale force winds from … Continue reading

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Foliage for May. GBFD.

Foliage is bursting forth everywhere in the garden, you can almost see the leaves growing, getting larger and larger every day. This first photo though is of a road I drive along most days and the leaves on the beech … Continue reading

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Bluebells at Blackbury.

To make up for the lack of flower photos in my last post, this post will have thousands!! All of them will be the English bluebell, Hyacinthoides non scripta.

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Wall to wall sunshine!

We were told that Saturday and Sunday were going to be sunny and yes, the forecasters got it right, it was wall to wall sunshine, even though it was blowing a very cold wind from the north on Saturday! So … Continue reading

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Braving the Rain in May.

Having almost non stop rain for a month, with a gale or two thrown in, the flowers are still managing to put on a colourful display. The garden is absolutely sodden so there isn’t much that can be done at … Continue reading

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May is Meconopsis time.

May might be Meconopsis time this year, but last year they were flowering at the beginning of April, definitely a month late this year due to our cold, wet spring. Excitement starts as soon as we can see the new … Continue reading

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Golden Peony of the Caucasus.

The golden peony that I am talking about is of course Paeonia mlokosewitschii, which is a native of the Caucasus mountains in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Dagestan. It grows  there on rocky slopes in oak, hornbeam or beech forests, which makes … Continue reading

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