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Six on Saturday 12.03.2022

Yesterday was a downpour of torrential proportions and later this afternoon it will be the same, if not worse because of the high winds that are forecast. My roof has now been fixed, new tiles on the front and back … Continue reading

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Patience needed!

I was once again, too soon to post about my acers final fling. If I had waited another couple of days, the final colours would have been showing, a real Wow with burnt orange blazing in the back garden.

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GBFD for July 2017.

First of all I would like to apologise to all those of you who haven’t heard from me for a while. I seem to be having problems leaving comments of various blogs, blogs that I have commented on for years … Continue reading

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July GBFD. We need rain!

Rain keeps getting forecast, but it seems to miss us most of the time, we can see the rain clouds over Dartmoor, but they hardly ever reach our village! The garden is looking a bit dry in places, but we … Continue reading

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Sango Kaku has woken up.

How could I have missed the beautiful new foliage on Acer Sango Kaku in the woodland, when it was Foliage Day on March 22nd! The foliage is light green in the summer and butter yellow in the autumn, but when … Continue reading

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Autumn bows out in a blaze of glory. GBFD November.

The colours in the garden this week have been absolutely amazing. I took my drive round the neighbouring village a week too soon, if I had waited they would have been far more intense, must remember for next year.  For … Continue reading

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A gradual change of colour for GBFD.

Taking photographs for this month’s Foliage Day was a question of dodging the showers, sometimes they were quite light but at others it was torrential rain. A gradual change is coming over the garden, a more golden tint to the … Continue reading

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A Golden Glow for September GBFD.

When the curtains are first drawn back in a morning,  the light is different, there is a golden glow now which is so different from a couple of weeks ago. The leaves are starting to turn colour and with all … Continue reading

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New Growth for GBFD in April

New growth is all around us at the moment, such lovely fresh greens, copper tones and burgundies which will turn a dull green in the summer, must enjoy them while we can. First thing in the morning, with the low … Continue reading

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GBFD. The Last Leaves of Autumn.

What a strange autumn it has been so far, no frosts yet where we are, which we are told help to form the wonderful colours that we see on our trees and shrubs. However the colours have been stunning as … Continue reading

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