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Six on Saturday. 14.10.2023

Even though its getting darker and colder, although yesterday was so warm,20C, there are still things to see in the garden that make me smile as I have my daily wander. We had a yellow flood warning for yesterday, but … Continue reading

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A Wednesday Wander with colour, shape and texture

At last my legs are feeling strong enough to wander round the garden once more, I have missed being able to do that since my booster injection 10 days ago! Straight away it struck me how the garden has moved … Continue reading

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Autumn has certainly arrived.

During this last week the colours in the garden and the surrounding countryside have changed considerably, the green is gradually fading away and changing to yellow, orange and red. Also the leaves have started falling with a vengeance which means … Continue reading

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From green to yellow to red then black gold.

Looking out of the windows, there is gold everywhere, the views that stayed green all summer, are now changing rapidly to yellow/gold. There are a few splashes of red and purple which form a contrast, making the month of November … Continue reading

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All colours blazing on my return.

When I got back from my whirlwind trip to Canada, I found that my own garden was in full party mode, with all colours blazing on three of my trees. The two Acers had reached their full potential and my … Continue reading

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Did anyone mention Hallowe’en?

Our trip to Canada coincided with the end of October and that of course means Hallowe’en. We saw lots of pumpkins by the roadside and in gardens and on the 31st itself we had about 150 children call at the … Continue reading

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How I became a “leaf peeper”

I am now officially a leaf peeper. A “leaf peeper” is someone who travels great distances to see the foliage of trees, usually in the USA. I have just returned from an amazing 5 day whirlwind trip to see my … Continue reading

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The garden is getting into Party Mode.

Trees and shrubs are starting to change into their party clothes before finishing for the year. Colours are emerging so much earlier than they usually do, a good month ahead of the last few years. Some trees and shrubs though … Continue reading

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Patience needed!

I was once again, too soon to post about my acers final fling. If I had waited another couple of days, the final colours would have been showing, a real Wow with burnt orange blazing in the back garden.

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We got there!

Yes, we got there and it didn’t take a week, only a few days later, my large Acer had changed colour! All three Acers are now looking beautiful together although A.Sangokaku and A.Osakazuki have lost a few leaves already.

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