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Countdown to opening for the N.G.S.

This is our 5th year of opening for the National Garden Scheme,  we had to be asked 7 years in succession before we finally gave in and agreed to open for them, because we didn’t think the garden was ready … Continue reading

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The last of the bunch – Meconopsis Grandis.

Having waited 2 yrs for this plant to flower, we were waiting with great anticipation when the flower bud was formed and started growing. Having seen the amazing blue of M. betonicifolia and “Lingholm” in other parts of the garden, … Continue reading

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It’s Orange Blossom time.

As soon as we step outside the back door, we are greeted with the most beautiful smell of oranges, wafting on the breeze. Philadelphus coronarius “Aureus” is performing once more.

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Time to clip the Box balls.

Any book or magazine that I have read concerning shaping the box plant, Buxus, says to clip them back on Derby Day.Not being interested in horse racing, it took me a while to work out when this was, it appears … Continue reading

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More Meconopsis.

This time it is Meconopsis betonicifolia that is standing out from the surrounding planting.

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Let’s hear it for Clematis montana.

Do you have a plant that has survived in spite of all the odds stacked against it, and that includes a gardener who has neglected it for years ?!!!

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May flowers.

At last, we in the UK have had some serious rain and the garden now looks so fresh and green again. My water butts are now full once more, we are on a water meter here and have to pay … Continue reading

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Changing colours.

Following on from the last post about foliage – one of the most fascinating plants that I have is a vine, Actinidia kolomikta, which is a cousin of the Kiwi fruit, Actinidia chinensis. I felt it deserved a post all … Continue reading

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Tapestry of Foliage.

Even though we are surrounded at the moment by wonderful flowers of all colours, it is very easy sometimes to forget the sumptuous tapestry effect that comes with contrasting foliage.

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