Six on Saturday 27. 11. 21

Our local weather forecaster told us that the storm would arrive at 3 am and become calmer by 9 am. I woke suddenly at 3.10 am and the noise of the wind howling through the trees was horrendous, I didn’t get much sleep after that and when it became light this morning there wasn’t a leaf to be seen, none on the lawn or the paving, they must have all blown into the woodland. not many left on the trees either! I’m so glad that I nipped out yesterday to take my photos for today,  my 6 are as follows….

No 1  Chaenomeles

More buds are opening in my chaenomeles hedge by the back door, there are so many buds which will keep opening all winter, as long as we don’t have a frost.

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November stars.

Usually the Acers are the stars of the October garden, but with our warm spell having lasted so long, this year it is November before they have reached their full finery. As the days have gone by the colours have changed, becoming a more fiery red and orange and when the sun has shone through the leaves they are like a stained glass window, wonderful.

To start with on the tall tree, which I think might be Acer plamatum, the change is very subtle and not very noticable.

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Six on Saturday 20.11.21

This week I had to search for things to put in my post, nothing was really jumping out at me. After a good wander round yesterday, I managed to find six for this weeks offering, nearly all were roses having their last fling before the frost comes tomorrow, here they are.

No 1 Rosa Bonica

The roses haven’t let me down, this is Rosa Bonica and still has lots of flowers on it. The mild weather is prolonging the flowering, frost due tomorrow though.

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Busy with the leaves

Last weekend I was busy, busy, busy with raking the leaves up. I keep telling myself that it is good for the waistline, but then my back tells me that I need a rest! Who do I listen to? Eventually I have to listen to my back and give it a rest for a while before I can continue, this means that not all the raking was done in a day, I had to spread it over 3 days. Thank goodness we are having a very quiet spell of weather at the moment with hardly any wind, so the lawns are now still relatively free of leaves for a change.

I’ve made a start in the back garden.

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Six on Saturday 13.11.21

We are still in the midst of a warm spell, warm for this time of year that is, we have also had a tiny bit of rain , but not very much this last week. The couple of nights frost last week have made such a difference to the leaves changing colour, no more frosts this week and non forecast for next week either. Leaves are now tumbling with every breath of wind so I will have to find the rake which hasn’t been used since last autumn!

My six for this week are…..

No 1  Iris foetidissima

When in flower, Iris foetidissima is a shy , unassuming plant, but what a difference when the seed pods form, they shout at you from wherever they are, you can’t miss them.

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A Wednesday Wander with colour, shape and texture

At last my legs are feeling strong enough to wander round the garden once more, I have missed being able to do that since my booster injection 10 days ago! Straight away it struck me how the garden has moved on in just a few days, lots more colour in the foliage and contrasting shapes and textures are more noticable as lots of the plants are dying away.We are still having a warm, dry spell, but have also had a few nights with frost that has made such a difference to the leaf colours.

Miscanthus malepartus which I showed you last Saturday, has now changed to a golden fountain and looks totally different.

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Six on Saturday 6.11.21

At last we have had some frost, just a little, but enough to start the leaves changing colour. Some have changed quicker than others, autumn tints are going to last longer than usual this year. It is quite a while since I went into the garden due to the fact that I had my booster vaccination on Monday, waking up on Tuesday I felt absolutely dreadful, gradually getting easier each day, so taking photos this morning was quite a major operation, it was good to get out in the fresh air once more though. Let’s see what I found….

No 1 Miscanthus malepartus

Looking a bit trussed up like the Christmas turkey, but necessary after a storm blew it over a couple of months ago. This miscanthus will soon be a golden fountain whan all its leaves have changed.

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Six on Saturday. 30. 10. 21

The warm weather has continued, but now we are having torrential rain each night so the garden is absolutely sodden and even flooded in places. Warm sunshine during the day is wonderful of course but having higher than average temperatures at night, means that most of the beautiful autumn colours are absent so far, they come when the temperature drops right down at night.

My six for Saturday are as follows….

No 1   Horse Chestnut tree.

The horse chestnuts in the back garden are showing signs of autumn, but no conkers, where are they all? Normally I have loads of them on the back lawn and have to put up with the squirrels digging holes everywhere to bury them! Not this year though, I wonder why.

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Six on Saturday 16.10.21

We have had a lovely warm week with plenty of sunshine, a treat at this time of year. Next week we should be back to how we would normally be, temperatures will take a drop and there will be rain once more, it is a while since we had rain here and it will be very welcome. Plants are still flowering, a few are starting to flower for the first time this year, the winter flowerers are starting early.

My six for this week are…….

No 1  Cherry tree.

Autumn tints are starting to show on some of the trees at the moment, this is the cherry at the entrance to the driveway.

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Six on Saturday 9.10.21

We have been having a warm spell this week with just the occasional light shower, much warmer than we normally have in October. Signs of autumn are all about us though with more berries on the trees and shrubs and more leaves starting to change colour. Mornings are very dark now, soon the clocks will go back and that will be the sign to hunker down and stay in bed when I wake up early. My six are as follows…..

No 1…..  Euonymus europaeus Red Cascade

This is the first time my little shrub has made its attractive fruits, even though it was planted at least 5 yrs ago. In a few years, when it grows a bit more, it will look stunning,  just inside the entrance to the woodland.

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