Beating Brendan for GBBD

On Monday,  our first named storm of the winter arrived, Brendan was roaring through my trees, trying to create havoc, a wander through the woodland to see if any damage has been done will be necessary as soon as I have had my breakfast. Fortunately it was a lovely sunny day on Sunday and I was able to get out and photograph the flowers that were enjoying the calm before the storm.

Snowdrops are popping up everywhere now, this one is Angelique which is on the rockery, but I think needs replanting as the bulbs are starting to push up out of the ground.

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A new decade.

What will this new decade bring I wonder, there are bound to be changes, hopefully for the good of all. Will there be changes in the garden here, hopefully not many, just the planting that needs improving in places. The structure that I made with the undergardener many years ago still makes me happy, so won’t be getting changed. I think any changes will be for ease of mmaintainance, as I know that eventually it will be the size of the garden that will defeat me and make me move house, hopefully not for a few years yet.

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Just in time for Christmas.

After more weeks of non stop rain, we have at last had a lovely sunny day, but I have been too busy getting ready for Christmas to enjoy it properly. The lawn once more is absolutely sodden, it really isn’t worth walking on it to take photos, so these are the flowers that I can see from the various paths that I have.

Viburnum bodnantense Dawn is still looking good in spite of a couple of frosty nights.

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December wander.

We are having some beautifully sunny days, frosty, cold and crisp but at least it isn’t raining! We had so much rain in November, I just want the garden to dry out so that we can cut the grass once more, dig up a tree roots and finish 101 other jobs that I couldn’t do with the daily rain. A wander round the garden proved to me that there are plants that have carried on in spite of being soaked.

Viburnum bodnantense Dawn was looking good yesterday when this photo was taken, I must go and see what the frost overnight has done to it.

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The first for this winter.

I’m still raking and sweeping, but now I can see an end to the leaves that are keeping me so busy. Having a little wander in the woodland, but really to have a rest, I found Galanthus Faringdon Double already in flower, this is a week earlier than last year.

G. Faringdon Double

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The Big Sweep.

As fast as I am sweeping up the leaves, they are still falling, but I feel I have to get out there every few days to at least try to stay on top of them. Thank goodness we have had a few days without any rain, it makes it so much easier if the leaves are dry.

I keep telling myself that sweeping up is good for the waistline, but I haven’t seen any improvement so far!

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From green to yellow to red then black gold.

Looking out of the windows, there is gold everywhere, the views that stayed green all summer, are now changing rapidly to yellow/gold. There are a few splashes of red and purple which form a contrast, making the month of November a very colourful month in the garden.

Field Maple, Acer campestre, one of our native acers, which forms part of the boundary of the garden.

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Ten Blooms for October

Flowers are getting harder to find in the garden as it is winding down, ready for a rest, but there are flowers still opening at this time of year. Some plants actually choose to start flowering at this time of year and they are more than welcome.

Starting with Mahonia Charity, this is the time of year when it is at its best.

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Two that got away.

When photographing my flowers for the last post, my Colchicums and Clematis hid their blooms for another couple of days. I could see the colchicum buds developing, but they weren’t open in time, I have also been waiting for my Clematis to flower all summer and thought it wasn’t going to manage it this year.

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Ten blooming families for September

Flowers are still putting in an appearance even though the weather is decidedly autumnal now.The heat and the sunshine of last week has been replaced by rain and much cooler temperatures, there are fewer butterfly and bee visitors this week, which I suppose is to be expected. Certain families of plants are continuing to flower, making a really good show of all their blooms. You have seen a lot of them before in other posts, but then, I like plants that flower for a long time! I’ll start in the front and then flollow my usual path round the garden.

Making a big impact in the front border are masses of seedling Asters which have spread each year. I keep meaning to pull them out but the all bees love them, so many varieties are to be found feeding whenever the sun shines, unfortunately the sun wasn’t shining when I took my photos!.

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