Six on Saturday. 13.7.2024

After a week of rain, wind and sunshine, mostly rain, my meadow has flopped,  C. Lucifer has flopped as the gardener took my supports for something else and didn’t put them back! and the orchid has now finished flowering but I can’t find any seed unfortunately. Today seems to be nice and sunny so hopefully it will stay that way.Even so I managed to find some nice new flowers for you.

Hemerocallis or Day Lilies are starting to flower around the garden, they make a nice splash of colour.

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Six on Saturday. 6.7.2024

At last we have had some rain! Never thought I would be wanting rain for my garden, but I was finding watering more and more difficult from my water butts. It seems to have rained all Thursday night and all Friday afternoon and evening, and was still raining this morning but now the sun is shining, so no need to water today! It has been a week of two halves, mornings for doing whatever gardening I can and afternoons for watching tennis. Even though I can’t play any more, I did play a lot when I was much younger and enjoy watching it whenever I can. However, lots more flowers to enjoy when I can get out, so lets get on with my six.

Crocosmia Lucifer has decided it is time to strut his stuff and is looking as stunning as ever.

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Six on Saturday. 29.6.2024

First of all I have to apologise for not getting back to you all last weekend, I did read all your lovely posts, but was so busy with my visitor, the time just flew by and then I was exhausted!

On to this weeks six, after a week of sunshine and strong winds, a bit cooler than we had been hoping.

Rose Liverpool Hope surrounded by Campanula poscharskyana. I think the colours go so well together.

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Six on Saturday. 22.6.2024

After a week of sunshine with nice warm weather, somedays even hot, it rained yesterday evening and overnight. I’m sure the garden was very happy and it saved me any watering this morning. The sunshine brought lots of bees and butterflies out, it was lovely listening to the bees buzzing and seeing the butterflies fluttering everywhere. This weeks six are a mixed bag.

My favourite Hydrangea, such a beautiful pale blue.

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Six on Saturday. 15.6.2024

Not much was done this week in the garden as rain stopped play! Mostly it was showers but then Thursday it was raining all day long and yesterday wasn’t much better. However the plants just keep on flowering and I manage to keep on photographing them, in between the showers! Still more roses to show you and one or two others.

Peony Sarah Bernhardt is having her moment of glory but she was bent double with the rain on Thursday, not looking too bad today.

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Six on Saturday. 8.6.2024

We have had a dry week with just a few odd showers, quite a bit of sunshine and very cold wind. I think I’ve noticed the cold wind more than the plants, they seem to be coping very well indeed. Amongst all the other flowers that are blooming away, the stand out plants at the moment are all the roses, it is roses, roses everywhere, so that is where my six for this week will come from. Most of them are David Austin roses and they are all in the part of the garden which is between the house and the garage, all with hardy geraniums as ground cover.

Rosa Sharifa Asma is my first one, a beautiful rose with a fantastic scent.

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Six on Saturday. 1.6.24

On the whole, not a bad week weatherwise, apart from Monday, and the promise of more good weather to come, I shall look forward to that. Everything is growing at such a fast rate, I can’t keep up with it all, especially the weeds. Once again so many flowers to photograph, then the question of which 6 to use, here are mine for this week.

I’ll start with the first of the Great Spotted woodpecker’s youngsters. For a couple of days I saw the father feeding his youngster down on the lawn, they were finding plenty to eat, I think they must have found some ants. However it hasn’t taken the youngster long to work out how to use the peanut feeder, don’t worry I have filled it up!

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Six on Saturday. 25.5.2024

Another week of mixed weather, a bit of everything in fact, including thunder and lightning and the flowers keep coming, no matter what. I have managed a bit of gardening most days, but the weeds are still winning at the moment, I have to be very careful how I take my photographs! Time now for Six or so on Saturday.

Roses are now starting to flower, they are all looking good with lots of buds to come. This one is Charlotte from the David Austin stable, a lovely rose with a beautiful perfume.

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Six on Saturday. 18.5.2024

The week started last Monday with torrential rain which lasted all day, so more flooding! Since then though it has been sunny with just the odd shower for the rest of the week and similar forecast for the weekend. Not much work has been done as the ground has been so wet and soggy, I’ll have to try and catch up sometime. In the meantime I’ve taken lots of photos so now will have to decide which six to put on my post.

Primula vialii which is a recent replacement for one that I had years ago but lost as I didn’t split it when I should. The books say they need splitting after 2 or 3 yrs and I didn’t, eventually one year they just didn’t appear any more, so this time I must pay more attention to what I should be doing.

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Six on Saturday. 11.5.2024.

We have had week of sunshine with just the odd shower thrown in, it has been wonderful, such a change! I’m having to get used to getting the watering can out as I can’t rely on the weather for watering my pots any more. Plants are flowering faster than I can keep up with them so I’m spoilt for choice for this weeks six.

Viburnum opulus Roseum by the field, which has its snowball shaped flowers. I’m not sure why it has Roseum in its name, for some reason I would expect that to mean it would be pink, maybe someone can tell me.

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