Six on Saturday. 13.4.2024

Dare I say it, three days of sunshine and no rain, it is wonderful! I have been gardening without a coat and was almost tempted to remove my jumper and just wear a T shirt but thought no, it is only April after all, it was so warm though. I’m obviously hoping that the grass will get cut on Wednesday when the gardener comes, it is so long now and looks as though it is all a meadow! We have rain forecast for Monday, but after that it should be dry for the next week, I’ll have to get the watering can out for my pots, I’ve been relying on the rain to keep them watered!  Time for Six on Saturday………..

To start with, we had a wonderful sunrise on Wednesday morning, but as the saying goes………

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Six on Saturday. 6.4.2024

The first week of April doesn’t seem to be different from previous months, just more of the same unfortunately. The plants however are changing all the time, snowdrops are now just a distant memory, some of the narcissus are over but still more to come, this week though it is about erythroniums and little tulips. New flowers tempt me out into the garden, so thank goodness I took most of my photos earlier in the week, when the weather wasn’t quite so bad.

Erythronium White Beauty is slowly increasing in the woodland. They are lovely little flowers, just 6 inches high.

Erythronium Pagoda is at the end of the woodland on a little slope, so that it has better drainage.

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Six on Saturday. 30.03.2024

I don’t think I need to say anything about the weather this week, it is still awful and we have had a bit of everything and the garden is still flooded in places. In spite of this however, plants are still flowering away, new plants starting to flower, leaves coming on the trees and shrubs, and the hedges on the boundaries are beginning to look green once more. Spring is here and once it starts there is no stopping it, so on with my six for this week.

I have just a couple of pots still flowering in the conservatory, this one is a pot of tiny Tulip Honky Tonk. I think it is rather lovely and will be planting these bulbs on the scree when they have finished flowering.

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Six on Saturday. 23.03.24

At last we have had a couple of dry days and today has started off well with lovely sunshine. Yesterday I actually made it up to the top of the garden! The grass was still very soft and I hope I’ve not done too much damage, but I was keen to see what was happening in the rest of the garden. The weeds are growing very well so I need to do quite a bit of work up there as well as a lot of planting. I managed to deadhead the hysdrangeas there and cut back the clematis on the pergola, so at least that has been done, better late than never! There are lots more flowers opening in the garden so lets get on with my six………

Lots of Narcissus Thalia are now flowering in various places, I rather like the all white of this one.

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Six on Saturday. 16.3.24

We are still having more showers, some quite torrential, more flooding which is taking its time to clear, I’m just wondering how long it will be before the garden dries out properly. The plants however just keep on coming, more flowers opening, more leaves coming on the trees and shrubs, everywhere is beginning to look rather green, so many big fat buds just waiting to open, which is lovely. Trying to choose just six new flowers is getting more difficult as the weeks go by as there are so many of them. Let’s make a start……..

Looking gorgeous on the rockery at the moment is Prunus Kojo no mai, covered with dainty white bells.

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Six on Saturday. 9. 3. 24

Having had 3 dry, sunny days, I’m feeling spoilt! Back to normal though for the coming week, we have rain forecast for the next 7 days! The grass really does need cutting, but by the time my gardener gets here next Wednesday, I’m sure it will all be soggy once more. I actually walked up to top of the garden yesterday, just to check on everything and was amazed at all the new growth since I had last been up there. New plants opening everywhere, so lets get on with this weeks SOS………….

A false oxlip, which is the result when you have both primroses and cowslips in your garden and the bees get busy between the two! The height is from the cowslip and the size of the flower is the same as the primrose, quite a few have popped up in the garden here.

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Six on Saturday 2.3.2024

A new month, but the same old weather. Must stop going on about it, the plants and I will just have to cope, although the sun is shining at the moment! Leaves are starting to unfurl on some trees and shrubs and the borders are looking rather yellow now with all the narcissus, snowdrops are mostly over, just a few late ones starting to open. It is time now for our Six on Saturday, so a few from the conservatory and the rest from the garden.

A pot of Crocus Cream Beauty in the conservatory are looking beautiful at the moment, these will be planted out on the scree after flowering, hope they can cope with the weather outdoors!

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Six on Saturday. 24.2.2024

Rain, rain and more rain, when will it all stop? Parts of the garden are flooded once more and I know will take a long time to dry out again, but parts of the garden that aren’t flooded are carrying on as normal, thank goodness. A lot of the snowdrops have now finished and narcissus have talen over the baton so the woodland is looking more yellow now than white. I managed to nip out into the garden between showers the other day and took my photos, here are my six.

The lone survivor of three which were planted on the rockery after flowering in a pot many years ago. I think I’ll move it to the scree when I plant out the blue ones that are flowering in the conservatory at the moment.

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Six on Saturday. 17.2.2024

My village WI ladies came on Tuesday to see the snowdrops and hellebores. The previous day it had been wall to wall sunshine, but Tuesday started out very grey and wet. They were coming in the afternoon for tea and cake as well so I kept checking the weather forecast to see when the rain was due to stop, it did, about quarter of an hour before they came, thank goodness! If you want to see what they saw, then the previous post will show you. This Saturday though, I’m just showing you six views of the woodland as they saw it.

Just inside the entrance of the woodland, the far bed has a ground cover of Cardamine quinquifolia, I think it looks nice with all the snowdrops.

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Snowdrops, hellebores, tea, cake and chat.

Yesterday the ladies from my village WI. came once more for tea, cake and snowdrops. They came in the afternoon this time so that if it had been frosty and the snowdrops had all collapsed, then they would have a chance to perk up. We had a beautifully sunny day the day before, why, oh why didn’t I invite them to come then?! Instead we were walking around in full wet weather gear and wellies as the morning had been very wet. However, we were so lucky, it stopped raining just before they arrived, the sun even came out and opened the crocus for us and it stayed dry all the time they were with me. There were lots of lovely comments and  photos were taken on loads of phones, so I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Come with me and see what I was able to show them.

My two old faithfuls, Camellia and the Quince hedge, haven’t let me down, they are still flowering for me, in spite of the frosts that we had a while ago. The original flowers on both turned brown when the temperature dropped below zero, but more buds have opened up, thank goodness.

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