March, lamb or lion?

In looking back over the month of March, we have a saying that it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, in other words the weather at the beginning of the month is much worse than that at the end. This time though we had wonderfully warm sunny days at the beginning and lately the gales have been coming from the north and east, howling through the trees and bringing freezing temperatures with them. At last though my lawn is drying out and I can now do my self isolating exercise by walking round it 10 times! Thank goodness I have a garden though, I would hate to be someone without somewhere to get my fresh air.

Come for a wander with me, starting in the front by the drive. Bergenia Beethoven is flowering away and spreading a bit too far. Some parts can be moved into the woodland as soon as flowering is over.

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Blossom. Top 10 for March.

Having recently done a post about most of my perennials and bulbs that are flowering at the moment, I noticed the other day that blossom was starting to flower on some of my shrubs. It just so happened that ten of my shrubs were starting to flower, lucky coincidence! With lovely weather at the moment, it was ideal for a wander and taking photos. I feel I am so lucky having my garden to wander in while I’m self isolating, the sunny weather is a bonus, thank goodness it wasn’t while we had that awful rain!

Camellia flowers were the first ones that I noticed.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Let’s forget what is happening in the big wide world, just for a few moments. When wandering in the little woodland this morning, I realised that most of the narcissus were rapidly going over, but the one that was standing out was Narcissus St. Patrick’s Day, so let’s celebrate, he is on time for once!

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Sun at last. GBBD March 2020.

We have enjoyed a few lovely sunny days with just a few wintry showers lately, is this the beginning of the end of all our dreadful rain, I wonder? I hope so.  The wind recently has been very cold coming from the north, but I don’t mind that as long as it isn’t wet! The Narcissus are flowering everywhere, along with the primroses,  making the garden look very springlike along with other little woodland ephemerals.

Primroses spreading along the front drive.

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Welcome to March.

March, a new month, but will the weather be any better, time will tell. It is impossible to walk round my garden and has been for weeks, if not months now. everywhere is so saturated and standing water is everywhere. I can honestly say that I have never known it this bad in the 30 yrs that I have lived here, but even so we are nowhere near as bad as others who have houses and businesses flooded by rivers bursting their banks. I have been for a short wander on the paths round the house and into the woodland to find new flowers for this month, waterproof footwear is a necessity!

Starting by the entrance, a lovely bright clump of narcissus whose name eludes me, love the long trumpet.

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Top Ten for 23rd February 2020.

I was rather spoilt for choice when I went to take my photos for today’s post, did I photograph different families of plants or stick to one family, showing 10 different varieties? Having shown everything on the 15th of the month for GBBD, I decided to try and find 10 different snowdrops thatI don’t think I’ve shown you before.

Galanthus Galadriel.

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Cheerful Tommies.

All the crocus in the garden are well and truly battered by our recent storms. This is when I am so pleased that I potted up loads of Crocus tommasinianus and kept them in the unheated conservatory.

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The Menace for GBBD February 2020

I made the most of an opportunity of quieter weather yesterday to nip out into the garden and take my photos for todays post. Our latest storm, Storm Dennis, arrived overnight and once more the wind is howling through the trees, and the rain is lashing down the windows. Never mind, I’ll just stay inside and finish catching up with all my housework !

Iris reticulata Pauline in the tin baby bath ( yes, I know I keep saying that I will move them!) always flower much later than the ones on the alpine scree, they were over weeks ago, I wonder why?

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Paddling in the garden.

We are used to the rain here in the UK, but not of such biblical proportions! Talk about non stop rain, day after day after day, when will it all stop we are asking, but there is no respite on the horizon. This coming weekend, another storm, Storm Dennis is following hard on the heels of Storm Ciara. I donned my wellington boots and waterproofs and ventured forth to paddle my way round the back garden and woodland.

I hope my snowdrops can swim!

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The calm before another storm.

Having been warned that there is another large storm heading across the Atlantic towards us, I made the most of a nice sunny day to take some photos before the storm hits us and maybe flattens everything!

Starting my usual wander at the side, I can’t help but be amazed at G. Trumps striding across the flower bed. New bulbs are forming each year, a little way from the previous years. At this rate he will soon be out the front gate and down the road!

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