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Six on Saturday. 01.10.2022

Another month gone, summer is just a faded memory now. Autumn weather is well in charge so I’m so glad that I took my photos yesterday before all the rain arrived, although we didn’t seem to have the very strong … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. 24.09.2022

At this time of year my thoughts turn to making sure that I have plenty of food in the garden for the birds. Berries are ripening nicely on shrubs and roses, but I know they will soon be eaten once … Continue reading

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Cyclamen and Colchicums

Bulbs popping up and flowering at this time of year always seem extra special. One minute there isn’t any sign of what’s to come, then suddenly, there they are, flowering away and looking lovely. The Cyclamen always come first, starting … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday, 17. 09. 2022

After an historically momentous week here in the UK , I feel that I’m ready to get back to normal and tackle SOS once again. Lets face it, I can remember the late King dying ( I was 9 yrs … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday, 03.09.2022.

I’ve rather a change with my 6 photos this week, they could be subtitled “The Mystery of the Maize Thief”. Looking at my garden, following the clues and working out who has been stealing the maize from the farmer’s field … Continue reading

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