Monthly Archives: October 2010

Natures Harvest

So many flowers turn into berries, which then become food for all the wildlife visitors to the garden. This abundant harvest can make all the difference to the animals and birds who spend the winter months with us.

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Life after death

Sculpture in the garden is provided by the many seedheads that are left when flowering is over. Sometimes the seedheads are just as interesting as the flowers and they last a lot longer.

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Natures Art Work

Nature provides its own art work in the garden all the time but after a shower of rain shrubs and flowers look so beautiful when they are glistening with rain drops in the early morning light

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Late Arrivals

From the middle of August the woodland floor comes to life again with the flowers of Cyclamen hederifolium, some deep pink, some pale pink and others white. One of my white cyclamen corms is now huge, it was one of … Continue reading

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