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Feline invasion.

This post is for  all the cat lovers that I know are out there. I think the word has gone round our village that any cats that come to the garden will appear on my blog ! Our latest visitor … Continue reading

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Misty, moisty morning.

Autumn arrived here yesterday. When I looked out ,it was thick fog, couldn’t see to the end of the garden.

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Temperamental Lilies !

Usually due to our wet, mild winters, lilies don’t do very well for me on our heavy clay.  Because our soil is very sticky during the winter months, the bulbs usually just rot away, never to be seen again, in … Continue reading

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Who’s this in my garden?

Each time I go into the garden,  I seem to feel that I am not alone. Have you ever felt that someone is watching you, but you can’t manage to see them ?

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Disaster strikes the Horse Chestnuts.

Horse Chestnut trees, Aesculus hippocastanum , are very large deciduous trees, 36m tall, found in the countryside, parks and gardens.They have bold divided leaves with white spires of flowers in the spring which later, in the autumn, turn into the … Continue reading

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Sandpaper and Brillo pads courtesy of nature.

Thought you might be interested in a really ancient plant that is here in the garden, in my pond. Not ancient because it was planted here 20 yrs ago when we came – but ancient because it was growing on … Continue reading

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