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Six on Saturday. 30. 10. 21

The warm weather has continued, but now we are having torrential rain each night so the garden is absolutely sodden and even flooded in places. Warm sunshine during the day is wonderful of course but having higher than average temperatures … Continue reading

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A gradual change of colour for GBFD.

Taking photographs for this month’s Foliage Day was a question of dodging the showers, sometimes they were quite light but at others it was torrential rain. A gradual change is coming over the garden, a more golden tint to the … Continue reading

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Disaster strikes the Horse Chestnuts.

Horse Chestnut trees, Aesculus hippocastanum , are very large deciduous trees, 36m tall, found in the countryside, parks and gardens.They have bold divided leaves with white spires of flowers in the spring which later, in the autumn, turn into the … Continue reading

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Autumn’s Pyrotechnics.

What a difference a few weeks makes, just a couple of weeks ago, the garden was mainly green with highlights of colour from the flowers. The month of October has been fantastic!!

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Natures Harvest

So many flowers turn into berries, which then become food for all the wildlife visitors to the garden. This abundant harvest can make all the difference to the animals and birds who spend the winter months with us.

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