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Thank goodness for evergreens.

I had thought that I would be photographing my little early flowers for the end of January, but Nature had other ideas. When I drew the curtains back this morning, everything was white, we had a sprinkling of snow overnight, … Continue reading

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The birds came in twos and threes and sometimes fives.

I spent an hour yesterday morning sitting in the kitchen watching all the birds coming to the feeders just outside the window, making a note as to how many I saw of each variety at any one time. This weekend … Continue reading

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It was worth the wait.

I bought a Hippeastrum, or Amaryllis, bulb in a box, from the garden centre, in fact I bought three, one for me, one for my daughter and one for my son, to give to them when I saw them at  … Continue reading

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January Gems. GBBD 2019

Any plant that flowers in January is a gem as far as I’m concerned, they are so precious, flowering at a time of year when most plants are still sleeping through the cold spell. A walk round half the garden … Continue reading

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Chaenomeles speciosa- star of my winter garden.

I felt as though I had to write a post about this wonderful plant. Every year it starts flowering before Christmas and continues to flower for months until Spring is well and truly with us. Usually chaenomeles flowers in the … Continue reading

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The start of a whole new year.

Wandering round the garden to see what is flowering on New Year’s Day could become a nice habit for me. We have been having a warm spell for the last couple of weeks and I think this has brought on … Continue reading

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