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Six on Saturday. 9.9.23.

I woke up to thick mist or fog this morning, but the sun has broken through and it is going to be another hot day.We have had a week of boiling hot sunshine, too hot for me I’m afraid, sorry … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. 24.09.2022

At this time of year my thoughts turn to making sure that I have plenty of food in the garden for the birds. Berries are ripening nicely on shrubs and roses, but I know they will soon be eaten once … Continue reading

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Orange for October 31st.

I have just spent a wonderful week with my daughter and “the boys” in Bristol. The boys include my son in law, two grandsons, and Finn, the dog! When I arrived and looked out of the back window, there was … Continue reading

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Berry delicious.

Autumn berries are ripening up all around us, so far the birds haven’t eaten many, but then, it hasn’t been too cold yet to kill off all the insects which they feed on. Maybe it is too soon to say, … Continue reading

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Will there be enough berries to go round?

Having just done a post about the lack of bees to pollinate our fruit bushes and trees has led me to wonder how the birds will manage this winter. If there weren’t enough bees to make our fruit, would there … Continue reading

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Berries for the birds.

Now is the time of year for us to repay the birds in our garden for eating all the nasty grubs etc. that try to ruin the look of our plants. I can’t say that I have noticed any damage … Continue reading

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Natures Harvest

So many flowers turn into berries, which then become food for all the wildlife visitors to the garden. This abundant harvest can make all the difference to the animals and birds who spend the winter months with us.

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