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Thank goodness for self seeding drifts.

Looking back over 2015 has made me realise that we haven’t been able to do much gardening! Unfortunately health problems got in the way with the Undergardener having to go for his Prostate Cancer treatment and all his other hospital … Continue reading

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Christmas flowers.

Usually we don’t have many flowers out for Christmas because it is usually a lot colder! Some flowers are still hanging on from autumn and some are opening up far too soon,  thanks to the very mild weather we have … Continue reading

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Pauline is flowering.

When I was passing the dining room window a few minutes ago, I noticed a bit of purple on the alpine scree, straight away I knew what it must be – Iris reticulata Pauline was flowering!

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December Flowers 2015.

Most of the flowers in the garden at the moment are ones that usually flower at this time of year, but some are hanging on and just don’t know when to stop. No area has the wow factor at this … Continue reading

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Doomed, but not for long!

I had the wonderful idea of ordering some lovely plants the other day, for my new area. In the past there hasn’t been any problem, you click the button, pay by debit or credit card, sit back , wait 48 … Continue reading

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All Change.

When a plant dies, it makes a planting opportunity or that is what I tell myself! I’ve been thinking for some time what to plant in the area we now have which was occupied by a Cotoneaster shrub.

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End of month review – November.

Where have the days gone, November passed so quickly and I don’t seem to have done very much in the garden. We have had so much rain that it hasn’t been possible to do much, I still have bulbs waiting … Continue reading

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Jack Frost has been visiting.

Over last weekend, we had our first frost of the winter. It was rather a shock to the system, having got used to the very mild weather that we had been having, the wind changed direction from the south to … Continue reading

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GBFD Foliage for November.

Sorry I’m late, due to circumstances beyond my control, but here is my offering for Foliage Day in November, which was written last Saturday. It’s a question of dodging the showers or rather, the downpours and the gales, to take … Continue reading

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Looking Good. Friday 20th November.

Having looked all round the garden for something that isn’t looking rain battered and wind burnt, without success, I decided to come in and photograph the plants that are in the conservatory at the moment.

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