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Changing colours.

Each day brings new colours to the foliage in the garden. But each day brings more wind and rain, which brings more leaves down as soon as they have been swept up, it is never ending at this time of … Continue reading

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Autumn colours are arriving. GBFD. September.

Now it is officialy autumn, the colours of autumn are making themselves conspicuous in the garden. Slowly but surely, the main colour is changing from green to yellow, we wake to misty mornings, which highlight all the spiders webs when … Continue reading

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Colours of Autumn. GBFD October 2016.

The sunny, cold spell we had a week ago has certainly helped to develop the autumnal colours which are now in the garden. Some leaves unfortunately have shrivelled and dropped early with the long spell of dry weather that we … Continue reading

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July foliage GBFD, 2016.

Our heatwave is over – thank goodness! My plants and I were wilting before the rain and lower temperatures came and rescued us both. The air is now so much fresher and plants are once again standing proud and looking … Continue reading

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New foliage for Garden Bloggers Foliage Day.

While looking round for interesting foliage this month, it seemed as though the garden was static, at least in the foliage department, as it seemed very similar to last month. Even though we’ve had some sunny days, we have also … Continue reading

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GBFD Foliage for November.

Sorry I’m late, due to circumstances beyond my control, but here is my offering for Foliage Day in November, which was written last Saturday. It’s a question of dodging the showers or rather, the downpours and the gales, to take … Continue reading

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Foliage for June GBFD.

The garden is now, in this month of June, filled with flowers of all description, but if we stop for a while, we can see that foliage still has a large part to play in the garden, even if it … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung – it’s official!

My garden is telling me that spring is definitely with us.  The birds are singing, choosing their mates, nest building with all the bits that I haven’t got round to tidying and sporting their wonderfully coloured plumage. There is frogspawn … Continue reading

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GBFD February Foliage.

Wandering round the garden yesterday looking for interesting foliage, I had hoped to find lots of new shoots.  Unfortunately not, all our cold weather must have made the plants decide that it wasn’t time to put out new shoots yet. … Continue reading

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Foliage for January.

Foliage Day has come round very quickly this month, or so it seems. There is lots of foliage that is looking decidedly tatty, I really must get round to cutting it down, and there are a few plants that shine … Continue reading

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