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All our rain is doing some good!

So much rain has fallen over the past months, that for quite some time a lot of the garden  was sodden and some even under water, however all this rain is doing a lot of good to certain areas of … Continue reading

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August Foliage GBFD

Some of the foliage in the garden has started to take on autumnal tints, but I am not ready for autumn yet!  This first one is a photo of the leaves of Geranium Spinners

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Our visitors have arrived!

All summer I have been waiting for our visitors to arrive, but with all the rain and cold wind that we have been having, there was no chance, until a few days ago. That morning started off very misty and … Continue reading

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August abundance.

I know I’ve been going on about it lately, but the August garden has had so many more flowers than it usually has, thanks to all the rain we have been having.

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Autumn already?

I can’t believe it’s autumn already, or at least it seemed like it when we got up on August 9th to find it was thick fog and a lot cooler than it had been of late.

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The Only Way is Up Now.

When you run out of space on the ground for any more plants, the only way is up. I wander round the garden looking at the trees and shrubs, wondering which are strong enough to support a clematis. Also, just … Continue reading

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Dinner missed by 1 hour!

A female pheasant decided to have a look around our garden one day recently. She was very nervous, constantly looking round to check that there was no danger. Photos were taken through the window, so apologies, not the usual standard!

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Then there was Light.

I’m awake quite early these sunny mornings, the main window in the bedroom faces east. When the sun is shining and the birds are singing, what is the point in staying in bed? Wandering round the garden at 5.30 or … Continue reading

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