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Signs of autumn already!

When I got up this morning at about 6am and stepped into the garden, it had a definite autumnal air about it. The sun had just risen over the trees but it was what I call a misty, moisty morning … Continue reading

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Careful where you go!

The other morning, I had to be very careful which path I took in the garden as they were festooned with cobwebs. It was a bit foggy and the moisture had settled on the webs, looking like diamonds catching the … Continue reading

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One misty, moisty morning…

……when I drew the curtains back and saw mist covering the garden, I knew it would be a good day for photographing the spider’s webs in the garden.

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A Golden Glow for September GBFD.

When the curtains are first drawn back in a morning,  the light is different, there is a golden glow now which is so different from a couple of weeks ago. The leaves are starting to turn colour and with all … Continue reading

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Berry delicious.

Autumn berries are ripening up all around us, so far the birds haven’t eaten many, but then, it hasn’t been too cold yet to kill off all the insects which they feed on. Maybe it is too soon to say, … Continue reading

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GBBD. September flowers.

We were warned by the weathermen that our summer was coming to an end and the first Autumn storm was approaching.  Some of the flowers are looking pretty wet, but in a rare splash of sunlight when the rain stopped … Continue reading

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The last of foliage colour for GBFD.

I have to admit that last weekend, when we heard the weather forecast for this coming week, I thought I had better get out into the garden and photograph the leaves before they all blew away, just as well I … Continue reading

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I’m not ready for Autumn!

Early mornings now have a chill about them which wasn’t there a few days ago, quite often we start off with mist or fog which the sun burns away a couple of hours later. Sometimes when looking towards Exeter we … Continue reading

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Autumn already?

I can’t believe it’s autumn already, or at least it seemed like it when we got up on August 9th to find it was thick fog and a lot cooler than it had been of late.

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