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Six on Saturday, 29/10/2022

Another week of sunshine and showers with unusually high temperatures for this time of year. Flowers are getting harder to find to photograph, leaves are everywhere and need raking up, supposed to be good for the waistline! My six are … Continue reading

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The Big Sweep.

As fast as I am sweeping up the leaves, they are still falling, but I feel I have to get out there every few days to at least try to stay on top of them. Thank goodness we have had … Continue reading

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Seasonal changes.

Sometimes September and October days bring misty mornings, which are then an excuse to search the garden for spiders webs, spangled with moisture, glistening like diamonds in the early sunshine when it breaks through the mist.

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The Big Sweep.

I reckon we are about 3/4 of the way through sweeping up all our leaves, when I look up into the canopy, I can see so many more leaves that are just waiting to drop into the garden. Please don’t … Continue reading

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Frosty foliage for G.B.F.D.

One frosty morning, a few days ago, I made the most of the dry weather and photographed some foliage which looks so much better with a light dusting of frost, as though someone has passed by sprinkling icing sugar everywhere! … Continue reading

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The last of foliage colour for GBFD.

I have to admit that last weekend, when we heard the weather forecast for this coming week, I thought I had better get out into the garden and photograph the leaves before they all blew away, just as well I … Continue reading

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