Blossom Time

We have been so busy looking down at all the fantastic spring bulbs that have been flowering over the past 3 months, now is the time to look up and see all the blossom at eye level and above. Everywhere looks so pretty and is accompanied by the fresh green of the newly emerging leaves. Spring is such a wonderful time of year…..enjoy !!!



The Chaenomeles by the back door which normally flowers on and off all winter, of course stopped flowering while we had our unusual frost and snow. It certainly made up for it by flowering non-stop for weeks on end. Only now is it beginning to look a bit tired, it really has been amazing.


Up in the fruit and veg garden, our mini orchard , trained along the fence, has started to flower, these are the flowers of  one of the Damson trees, think lovely crumbles next winter!

Cherry tree

This Cherry tree was already here when we moved here,


not sure which variety it is,


but that hardly matters when it looks so gorgeous!


We planted this Amelanchier tree about 15 yrs ago and it has never flowered so well before, usually the bullfinches come and strip a lot of the flower buds off before the flowers have a chance to open.


These Blackthorn are actually in the farmers field, but they look so lovely against the ploughed field and a blue sky. I think they have grown from seed deposited by the birds, wonder how long the farmer will leave them there because when they get a bit bigger they will interfere with  his tractor !

Prunus sub Autumnalis

We planted Prunus subhirtella ” Autumnalis ” a couple of years ago, it is meant to have white flowers, opening from pink buds. These look very pink to me, I’m wondering if I have been sold the variety ” Rosea ” instead.


The Camellias are now flowering, this is the first one to flower here, I think the variety is “Donation ”


I think this is a Prunus, but don’t ask me which one, it was here before we were. I’m afraid it is planted in the wrong place so never does very well. It is planted in the natural bog and in full shade, just the opposite of the conditions that it prefers. It was already too big to move when we got here, but it is surviving and not really thriving, very pretty blossom though.


Kerria japonica is by the front gate and makes a big splash of yellow and brightens up a dull day.


Another Camellia, but unfortunately I have lost the label so I can’t tell you the variety, I just enjoy looking at the flowers.

Kojo no mai

This little Prunus is very special, beautiful flowers in the spring and fantastic autumn tints later in the year, it’s name – Kojo no mai – the dance of the butterflies.


Another beautiful Camellia, bought as a white one, obviously got something else !!


Tucked away in a dark corner is this Spirea, one of the first bushes to flower usually, but a bit later this year because of the winter that we have had.

School border

At this time of year everything seems to be rushing headlong into flowering mode, I feel like shouting -stop – give me time to enjoy it all !!  We are having a spell of really warm weather and the flowers are over far too soon, we need some typically English weather, cool and wet, to hold them back and make them last longer. Blossom time is so magical but so fleeting -must make the most of it.

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2 Responses to Blossom Time

  1. debsgarden says:

    Hello Pauline, first, thank you so much for dropping by my own blog and commenting so kindly on my Woodland Garden post!

    Second, your own garden is fabulous. It looks like a large place and is filled with delightful flowering shrubs and trees. You have done a wonderful job. I understand your wish for the spring weather to go slowly. Our summer here comes far too quickly. Today was hot and muggy and already spring is past its prime, I’m afraid. Sigh. It is a wonderful season, while it lasts!

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Deb, first of all, many thanks for your lovely comment about our garden. We gardeners are always at the mercy of the weather and what it decides to throw at us, thats what makes it all so interesting and sometimes frustrating !!

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