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Ten blooms for Saturday in August.

Looking round the garden this morning, there are still plenty of flowers everywhere, but nothing that says Wow! I have been making plans for a late summer border for a long time, but so far nothing has been done about … Continue reading

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After the drought, rain and more rain. GBBD August.

We had been warned that our weather is going to be more extremes of everything and they certainly seem to be right. After 6 weeks drought with very high temperatures,  we now have had almost non stop rain, some days … Continue reading

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Blooms in August, 2017

August has been a very mixed month here for weather, lots of rain, and a fair bit of sunshine, but not enough! In spite of this, plants have been flourishing. Shrubs that normally would have dropped their flower buds for … Continue reading

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Flowers for August GBBD.

August has been a very dry month for us in the SW corner of England and the plants are suffering from the lack of rain. We have thunderstorms forecast for later in the week, so hopefully that will make a … Continue reading

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GBBD August. Welcome rain.

I can’t believe that August is half way through. We have had quite a bit of rain followed by sunshine, on and off all month, which has meant that flowers are blooming everywhere. Quite often August is a dry month … Continue reading

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Singing the Blues.

There are three areas in the garden where interest is being held by all the blue flowers that there are. It doesn’t seem to matter what the neighbouring colours are, yellow, orange, pink or white, blue goes with them all.

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Summer is slipping away. GBBD August.

There are too many signs of autumn, I feel that summer is slipping away fast. With all the heat that we had over the summer, the flowers are over almost before they have opened up. Thank goodness the temperatures are … Continue reading

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August Flowers. GBBD.

So far, August has been a bit mixed, weatherwise. We have had lots of hot sunshine but just a small amount of gentle rain which really hasn’t been enough to keep the garden looking happy or the water butts filled. … Continue reading

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August abundance.

I know I’ve been going on about it lately, but the August garden has had so many more flowers than it usually has, thanks to all the rain we have been having.

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