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Ten blooming families for September

Flowers are still putting in an appearance even though the weather is decidedly autumnal now.The heat and the sunshine of last week has been replaced by rain and much cooler temperatures, there are fewer butterfly and bee visitors this week, … Continue reading

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Ten blooms for Saturday in August.

Looking round the garden this morning, there are still plenty of flowers everywhere, but nothing that says Wow! I have been making plans for a late summer border for a long time, but so far nothing has been done about … Continue reading

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Cawdor Castle, Scotland.

On the last day of our mini break, with the sun still shining, making our way back to Inverness Airport in the north eastern part of Scotland, we stopped for a while at Cawdor Castle to see their gardens. We … Continue reading

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Autumn is knocking on the door. GBBD for September.

Getting back from a few days in Scotland, I was very concious of the fact that my garden here was starting to shut down whereas the only garden we saw up there was in full colourful bloom, I’ll be showing … Continue reading

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Still flowering for GBBD September.

September is halfway through already, it is darker in the evenings and there is definitely an air of autumn about the garden. Misty mornings which then turn into beautiful sunny days are the norm at the moment and will be … Continue reading

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Summer is slipping away. GBBD August.

There are too many signs of autumn, I feel that summer is slipping away fast. With all the heat that we had over the summer, the flowers are over almost before they have opened up. Thank goodness the temperatures are … Continue reading

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Sussex Prairies, here we come!

Having spent about an hour at Nyman’s garden, we then made our way to the garden that I have read about in all the gardening magazines –Sussex Prairies – and have been wanting to visit ever since it was made … Continue reading

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Still flowering.

Some plants in the garden have been flowering their socks off all summer. The roses and erigeron started in June and the fuchsias in July. The roses have had a short break now and then but the other two have … Continue reading

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