After the drought, rain and more rain. GBBD August.

We had been warned that our weather is going to be more extremes of everything and they certainly seem to be right. After 6 weeks drought with very high temperatures,  we now have had almost non stop rain, some days it is torrential, but thank goodness it is also a lot cooler. The plants are looking a lot happier and hydrangea heads that were only half size last time I posted about them, are now normal size again.

Agapanthus are flowering all along the driveway border.

Eupatorum purpureum atropurpureum has at last opened its flowers and is now open for business with the bees and butterflies.

Fennel seedling at the corner of the kitchen is attracting a lot of attention from bees and hoverflies.

Crocosmia masoniorum is still flowering, adding its bright orange to the border by the field.

Once berries start forming, I feel that autumn is just around the corner, this is the wild Arum.

Verbena bonariensis along with Stipa gigantea.

Rosa The Dark Lady has been fantastic this year, flowering non stop since June.

An unknown seedling crocosmia which just turned up in the bog garden, Lucifer is about 20 ft away, I don’t know if that has something to do with it, this is a fraction of the size though, quite small really.

Iceberg Rose has never been so good as this year, another one that has flowered non stop.

A white lacecap hydrangea which is struggling between 2 others, I really must move it and give it more room somewhere else. This has huge flowerheads, at least 10 inches across.

Japanese anemones are a sure sign that autumn can’t be far away, they add interest to the back border at this time of year.

Rosehips already on Rosa glauca, summer is rushing by.

Fuchsias are doing really well all round the garden, this is the very ordinary F. magellanica which is found growing wild in some areas.

The white version brightens up a shady corner.

F. Whiteknights Blush is a favourite.

F. Delta Sarah has grown so much that I’m always having to cut back wandering stems!

Hydrangea ayesha has appreciated all the rain we have been having, it has lovely incurved petals.

more berries on the Pyracantha.

My Myrtle tree is covered in flowers and looking ever so pretty, but it is growing too tall.

The flowers are so lovely with their boss of fluffy stamens.

This combination is still looking lovely together, Geranium Rozanne with wild montbretia.

Hostas are all flowering now adding to their beautiful leaves.

Hosta June has increased nicely and is doing really well in the sunshine, when it shines!

Erigeron is flowering non stop and has seeded about the patio by the back door, I now have it coming up between the cracks in the paving, some get pulled out if I think people could trip over them, but some are allowed to stay just because they look so pretty!

This is a selction of some of the flowers that I am enjoying in the garden at the moment. It is dry at the moment, but rain is forcast for all of today so I guess it will be wellies and umbrella when I go out!

Thanks must go to Carol at May Dreams Garden for hosting this, do pay her a visit to see what else is flowering around the world.

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8 Responses to After the drought, rain and more rain. GBBD August.

  1. Denise says:

    Glad you finally got the much needed rain Pauline. You have a lovely selection of flowers for August…..I have that exact combination of Rozanne and Montbretia in my border! There is certainly a bit of an Autumn feel now.

    • Pauline says:

      All my water butts are full to the top once more Denise, no problems with watering now! I planted Geranium Rozanne, nature planted the Montbretia, sometimes nature knows best.

  2. Cathy says:

    Although we have had some wet days, Pauline, none of it has been heavy and we have had sunshine inbetween – a good compromise! Glad that your garden is benefitting from all your wetness and I hope the heavy rain has not done any damage. Good to see your lovely blooms and it is such a shame that so many of the pictures just aren’t appearing, regardless of whether I look at your post on laptop, tablet or phone…

    • Pauline says:

      No damage due to the rain Cathy, thank goodness and all the shrubs are showing lovely fat buds ready for next spring, so hopefully we won’t now have another drought!

  3. Jason says:

    Love the Agapanthus. Our Eupatorium (now Eutrochium) is also blooming now.

    • Pauline says:

      I hadn’t heard about the name change for Eupatorium Jason, I have enough trouble remembering the original names never mind any changes! The butterflies are enjoying it, they don’t mind what it is called!

  4. Frank says:

    There is always so much of interest in your garden, and I love the color of the agapanthus!
    The foliage on your rosa glauca does make me a little envious. I trimmed mine back to the ground a few weeks ago because I got tired of the nearly leafless twigs and rampant blackspot.

    • Pauline says:

      Thank you Frank, I also love the blue of the Agapanthus. Sorry to hear about your Rosa glauca, I’m sure it will be better than ever when it grows back.

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