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Paddling in the garden.

We are used to the rain here in the UK, but not of such biblical proportions! Talk about non stop rain, day after day after day, when will it all stop we are asking, but there is no respite on … Continue reading

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Raindrops on roses.

At long last it is raining!  The garden and I are very happy because we have had at least a month without a drop of rain. We have more rain promised for tonight, the garden will be very pleased and … Continue reading

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Was 2012 a Washout ?

Not really ! I started preparing this post by looking through all my photos for this year and re-reading some of my posts. There seem to be so many photos of plants looking absolutely sodden and covered with raindrops, so … Continue reading

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All our rain is doing some good!

So much rain has fallen over the past months, that for quite some time a lot of the garden  was sodden and some even under water, however all this rain is doing a lot of good to certain areas of … Continue reading

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August abundance.

I know I’ve been going on about it lately, but the August garden has had so many more flowers than it usually has, thanks to all the rain we have been having.

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It’s all my fault!

OK, I will hold my hands up, I should have realised that I was tempting fate when I wrote a post called April flowers need April showers !! Since then we have had almost non stop rain, Wednesday was when … Continue reading

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