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Looking back at April.

While on my morning wander, I couldn’t help but notice all the different shades of green that are in the garden and the countyside at the moment. In spite of not having any rain during April until yesterday and today, … Continue reading

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Spring foliage.

While taking a long look at the garden yesterday, it wasn’t the flowers that grabbed my attention, but the beautiful,  delicate leaves that are all unfurling from their cases. There are so many different shades of green as well as … Continue reading

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Is August a Washout. GBFD 2017.

As far as foliage is concerned, no , it isn’t a washout, it means that the foliage is nice and lush, not dry and struggling like it usually is in August. This month is trying to be the wettest August … Continue reading

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Foliage for June 2017.

The garden here is usually predominantly green, but the weather has been so very hot over the last week, leaves have been falling off trees, making the garden look more like autumn. The temperatures have reached to well over 30C, … Continue reading

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More colour.

Yes more colour, but this time not from my Acers. As the days go by, the garden has a lovely golden glow about it. More and more plants are changing from green to gold and a few from green to … Continue reading

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July foliage GBFD, 2016.

Our heatwave is over – thank goodness! My plants and I were wilting before the rain and lower temperatures came and rescued us both. The air is now so much fresher and plants are once again standing proud and looking … Continue reading

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Looking Good on Friday, October 30th.

What a difference a week makes, the green is rapidly disappearing from the garden, being replaced by yellow, orange and red. The little tree Prunus Kojo -no-mai is a good example of this, it really looks like a burning bush … Continue reading

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July GBFD. We need rain!

Rain keeps getting forecast, but it seems to miss us most of the time, we can see the rain clouds over Dartmoor, but they hardly ever reach our village! The garden is looking a bit dry in places, but we … Continue reading

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Makeover finished – for now.

A couple of weeks ago, the last of the new permanent planting was done in the Sunset Border.

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Lovely new foliage everywhere.GBFD May

It’s not just that we have wonderfully coloured flowers everywhere in May, the foliage isn’t bad either!  Everywhere is still looking so fresh and the leaves are every bit as good as the flowers in some cases. Quite a few … Continue reading

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