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Poor Hostas!

My hostas have been popping up in my borders recently and were looking really good, no holes from slugs or snails to mar their beauty, that is , until yesterday. The sun was actually shining for a while, so there … Continue reading

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Last and Firsts for Saturday 8.5.21

At this time of year, early spring flowers are fading and the next wave is getting ready to take over so there are lots of “firsts ” to choose from this time. Lots of buds are just waiting to burst … Continue reading

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Autumn has certainly arrived.

During this last week the colours in the garden and the surrounding countryside have changed considerably, the green is gradually fading away and changing to yellow, orange and red. Also the leaves have started falling with a vengeance which means … Continue reading

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Let’s hear it for Hostas

While wandering round the garden recently photographing all the flowers for various posts, I couldn’t help but notice all the hostas that were doing so well and I thought it such a shame that I was the only person to … Continue reading

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Roundup for May 2019

May was a bit of a strange month weather wise. One minute nice and warm, the next chilly with just a bit of rain. We really haven’t had as much rain as we normally do and the garden certainly needs … Continue reading

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EOM View, a little late.

All through May, I have been working hard in the bog garden, the weeds had taken hold last year and were winning the battle. I had to be totally blinkered while weeding, not to get distracted by anything else, just … Continue reading

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The Bog is waking from it’s Winter Slumbers..

All winter the bog garden slumbers away with not a sign of the delights to come later in the year. Nearly all the plants die back to nothing, some disappear altogether, so there is nothing to tempt me to go … Continue reading

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Fresh Foliage from Hostas, Ferns and Heucheras.

Fresh foliage is everywhere I look in the garden and it is all growing so fast with having alternating sunshine and rain.  There is such a big difference in all the ferns, hostas and heucheras,  in the garden since last … Continue reading

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July GBFD. We need rain!

Rain keeps getting forecast, but it seems to miss us most of the time, we can see the rain clouds over Dartmoor, but they hardly ever reach our village! The garden is looking a bit dry in places, but we … Continue reading

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The beauty of a bog!

When we moved here 25 yrs ago, I didn’t know much about gardening, it has been a very steep learning curve and I’m still learning.  We discovered that part of the garden never dries out, even in the summer when … Continue reading

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