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Six on Saturday. 6.5.2023

The weather still doesn’t know what it should be doing so we are being treated to a bit of everything, at least it is getting warmer, except when there is a cold east wind. The flowers keep coming, lovely to … Continue reading

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Roundup for May 2019

May was a bit of a strange month weather wise. One minute nice and warm, the next chilly with just a bit of rain. We really haven’t had as much rain as we normally do and the garden certainly needs … Continue reading

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EOM View, a little late.

All through May, I have been working hard in the bog garden, the weeds had taken hold last year and were winning the battle. I had to be totally blinkered while weeding, not to get distracted by anything else, just … Continue reading

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Blooming June.

The flowers keep coming, in spite of all the weeds around them. At the moment I feel that I’m fighting a losing battle, but I’m sure that I’ll get there in the end. We had a spell of torrential rain … Continue reading

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More colour in the bog.

Just a short time after writing the post about the bog garden, there is now more colour with the reds, oranges, yellows and purples joining in.

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The Bog is waking from it’s Winter Slumbers..

All winter the bog garden slumbers away with not a sign of the delights to come later in the year. Nearly all the plants die back to nothing, some disappear altogether, so there is nothing to tempt me to go … Continue reading

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The beauty of a bog!

When we moved here 25 yrs ago, I didn’t know much about gardening, it has been a very steep learning curve and I’m still learning.  We discovered that part of the garden never dries out, even in the summer when … Continue reading

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Blooming Maytime. GBBD.

May is the time when the garden goes into overdrive, everything seems to want to bloom at the same time, I just wish I could press a pause button and slow everything down a bit. Rhododendrons and Azaleas are now … Continue reading

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It’s Meconopsis time again!

Looking back through old photographs of my Meconopsis Lingholm, this year they are four weeks later to flower than in 2011, I can’t believe that they were in flower half way through April that year. Even though they are later, … Continue reading

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Rainbow for June and July

The bog garden, which is formed by an underground stream, certainly comes into it’s own at the beginning of June when flowers start bursting out along the length of the border. There are all the colours of the rainbow, red, … Continue reading

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