Snowdrops, hellebores, tea, cake and chat.

Yesterday the ladies from my village WI. came once more for tea, cake and snowdrops. They came in the afternoon this time so that if it had been frosty and the snowdrops had all collapsed, then they would have a chance to perk up. We had a beautifully sunny day the day before, why, oh why didn’t I invite them to come then?! Instead we were walking around in full wet weather gear and wellies as the morning had been very wet. However, we were so lucky, it stopped raining just before they arrived, the sun even came out and opened the crocus for us and it stayed dry all the time they were with me. There were lots of lovely comments and  photos were taken on loads of phones, so I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Come with me and see what I was able to show them.

My two old faithfuls, Camellia and the Quince hedge, haven’t let me down, they are still flowering for me, in spite of the frosts that we had a while ago. The original flowers on both turned brown when the temperature dropped below zero, but more buds have opened up, thank goodness.

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Six on Saturday. 10.2.2024

While half of the country is covered with snow, the other half has floods this week! You can guess which half I’m in, with the grass soaking wet, patio flooded once more and part of the garden and woodland under water! Just as well my plants can cope and I’ve been able to photograph them thanks to my wellies! More flowers are opening in the conservatory and the same in the woodland, so each day is one of discovery.

I still get a hit of hyacinth perfume each day when I come in to the conservatory and see what else has opened up overnight. I am so pleased with my bulbs this year, I’ll be able to see where to plant them in the garden as by now all their relations are up and showing where they all are, so it will be easy to plant these bulbs in between when flowering is over for this year.

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Six on Saturday. 3.2.2024

We have just had a rather mild, dry week, amazing! There is lots going on in the garden, snowdrops all pushing up and opening, the same with narcissus and crocus, but this week, I thought I would show you what is going on inside the house for a change. A few indoor bulbs are now flowering, so I don’t have to go outside for my flower fix if I don’t feel like it! The first one which I will show you is an orchid that I was given a few years ago, this is the first one that I’ve managed to keep alive!

It’s on the kitchen windowsill facing northeast and seems to like it, thank goodness!

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Six on SaSaturday. 27. 1. 24

All of a sudden, lots of plants are opening their flowers, I actually saw a bee yesterday when the sun was shining. Lots more flowers are opening up, making it well worth going for a wander in the sunshine with the birds singing. Temperatures have been  higher this week and everything has responded, I think I should be able to show you some flowers that haven’t been seen this year so far.

The hellebore in the woodland that I moved here a couple of years ago, seems very happy in its new home. This is an anemone centred variety.

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Six on Saturday. 20.1.2024

Well, that was a cold and frosty week wasn’t it! We had temperatures down to -8C nearby, but I think maybe we were probably a couple of degrees warmer. The forecast snow didn’t arrive, thank goodness, I think it went over to France to see Fred! I wasn’t sure how many plants I would find to photograph when I went out yesterday, but managed to find six that weren’t looking too bad, some of which you have seen before at various times.

The Chaenomeles by the back door is still pumping out its flowers, some not looking too happy with all the frost, but has so many buds still to come.

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Six on Saturday. 13.1.24

Another week gone by, this time a very cold week with lots of frost each night. The garden has dried out a bit, but the lawn is still very soft to walk on. Most of the flowers that I showed you last week have survived the frost, just the camellias that aren’t looking too happy. I don’t know if I didn’t look properly last Saturday, but the first photo is of a flower that I saw last Sunday when walking round the woodland, was it out last Saturday or did it open overnight?

Summer snowflake, Leucojum aestivum, has decided to flower in January, I think it should be renamed Winter snowflake! I have 4 clumps of these flowers and each clump has one flower showing. No sign so far of the Spring snowflake, Leucojum vernum, not even the leaves that I can see.

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Six on Saturday. 6.1.2024

At last, a dry, sunny day! It seems so long since we had such a day, yes, it is cold, my fingers were feeling numb by the time I got back inside from taking this weeks photos, but I would much rather have the dry cold than non stop rain. I did a post on New Years Day of all the flowers that were out, far more than I thought, so I had to see if there was anything different today.

No 1

The difference is in the sky, just look at that blue! Viburnum bodnantense Dawn is still flowering away, being set off beautifully by the sky.

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Happy New Year 2024!

Having had a wander or a squelch around the garden yesterday, I thought I would have another one today and photograph all the flowers that are brave enough to flower at this time of year. In a couple of places I wish I had taken my photos yesterday, you will see why when we come to them! I was pleasantly surprised at the number of flowers that I found, but considering how mild it has been, I shouldn’t have been though. This might be a long post, maybe a cup of coffee would help!

Starting at the back door with my old favourite, Chaenomeles, before continuing round to the front drive.

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Six on Saturday. 30.12.2023

Having spent a few days in Bristol over Christmas, I am now back home once more and able to look round half the garden to see what is now in flower. The half that I can’t walk round is flooded once more, thanks to the storm on Wednesday and lots of other outbursts, one day it will dry out. Thankfully I found my six very quickly as it was just starting to rain once more!

No 1

The buds on the Chaenomeles hedge by the back door, are now opening and looking very pretty.

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Six on Saturday. 23.12.2023

Last week I thought I would be giving S.O.S. a miss this week as I didn’t think I would have anything new to show you, but the plants thought differently! Sitting at my laptop and looking up out of the window, I thought, what are those spots of pink and red on the rhododendrons? Yes, they had decided to flower and they are not early varieties, they usually flower in May!

Very early indeed, when open fully, the flowers are very large on this variety.

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