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Six on Saturday. 26. 03. 22.

What a difference a week makes, a week of lovely warm sunshine. So much is now pushing up and starting to flower, but  flowers that have been with me for a while are suddenly going over with all the unexpected … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Normally I would start with the good, but not in this case.  I think I’ll start with the bad, then the ugly and end on a high with the good. When I went into the woodland this morning I was … Continue reading

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Fritillary time is here again!

Snakeshead fritillary or Fritillaria meleagris are once again the stars of the woodland for a few weeks Drifts of snowdrops have given way to drifts of narcissus and now these are handing over the baton to the fritillaries.

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March 17th. St. Patrick’s on time.

Just a quick little post. Narcissus St. Patrick’s Day has opened on time this year, if anything he was a little early, which doesn’t often happen. Last year he was 2 weeks late but this year the warm weather we … Continue reading

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At last !

Nearly a month late, but never mind, the snakeshead fritillaries, Fritillaria meleagris,  are flowering in the woodland at last.  Today was a beautifully sunny day with a cold wind,  the woodland is quite sheltered so  it was a pleasure to … Continue reading

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The Fritillaries have survived!

Still no sign of Mr. P, we haven’t heard him or seen him for months now, maybe he has gone to the big field in the sky. Whatever the reason, the snakeshead fritillaries are flowering nicely in the woodland, without … Continue reading

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On Guard!

Rusty Pheasant has been put in place and is guarding the first of the Fritillaries to open. I hope I’m not speaking too soon, but I haven’t heard Mr. P calling from the fields next door for quite some time … Continue reading

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Time for the Fritillaries to take Centre Stage.

A month ago, on March 11th, I noticed the first of the fritillaries to open in the woodland, just one solitary flower.

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Temptation was too great!

Looking at all the snakeshead fritillaries which are opening each day in the woodland, I couldn’t hold back any more, the temptation to photograph them was too strong! To start with there was just a couple, …then a few more. … Continue reading

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He’s back!

I woke suddenly this morning at 4am and then heard a loud squawking outside. I immediately knew who was prowling round the garden. He has stayed on the fields all winter with his harem of ladies, but now he is … Continue reading

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