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First Signs of Autumn.

Once the tiny flowers of Cyclamen hederifolium start unfurling, I begin to think that autumn can’t be far away. We don’t seem to have had much of a summer so far and already the woodland has a definite autumnal feel … Continue reading

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Star of the Autumn Woodland.

The main flowering period for the woodland is January, February, March and April. Over the years I have planted a few  Cyclamen hederifolium corms to have some interest in there in the autumn before the autumn tints come on the … Continue reading

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Stars in their own right.

This is the time of year when we can see how busy the ants have been. I suppose really what we are looking at is the result of what the ants were doing a few years ago, as it takes … Continue reading

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I’m not ready for Autumn!

Early mornings now have a chill about them which wasn’t there a few days ago, quite often we start off with mist or fog which the sun burns away a couple of hours later. Sometimes when looking towards Exeter we … Continue reading

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