The ants have been busy again!

The woodland has 3 periods when I visit it each day, first of all in Jan/March for all the snowdrops and narcissus, now in September for all the little  cyclamen hederifolium and then in Oct./November for the autumn tints.

I like this really deep magenta coloured one and it is now seeding about and I’m getting the odd dark one popping up in unexpected places.

The first cyclamen come through at the end of July in some years, with more coming up to flower in August, but then the peak of flowering is in September and it is then that I make my daily wanderings once more round the woodland.

I think I get more white seedlings than pink ones.

One of my dark seedlings.

The ants have tucked this one is a very dark corner, but the white flowers shine out.

As well as the cyclamen, the honesty, Lunaria annua, is shimmering at the moment in the sunlight and looking very pretty. This has increased but I must sow more seed to put it in the centre of 2 areas so that the sun will shine through it and it will contrast with the cyclamen at its feet.

I’m so glad that my ants are still busy, keeping up their good work. Each year I find more and more seedlings popping up where I least expect them and even my gardener said Wow when he saw them all this morning, I agree, I think they all look very pretty.

The sunrise this morning was beautiful, the whole sky towards the North East was a lovely shade of pink. We have had a lovely sunny day but more rain is on the way for later.

I hope the weather is being kind to you.


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8 Responses to The ants have been busy again!

  1. I too love how these get spread around,
    and I am going to move some of mine next to the new woodland path I have created, in the hope that they will spread around there too.

    • Pauline says:

      I have moved a few this morning as sometimes the ants put them where they are not wanted, some had come up in the gravel garden at the back, I would much rather have them all in the woodland. I’m sure yours will start seeding about when they are happy.

  2. Shirley says:

    Brilliant Pauline, I had no idea ants did this until fairly recently reading this in another blog. What a beautiful sight in your woodland. I’ve never succeeded with this plant as I am the one that moves other plants around it and they don’t return. I have some in a pot at the moment. Maybe I should put it near spots I’ve seen ants here 😊

    • Pauline says:

      I’ve only seen ants on the paving by the house Shirley, but quite often hear a green woodpecker calling in the woodland, so I assume they must be there. Apparently they move the seeds of snowdrops too. Maybe I should try collecting some seed myself to increase their numbers, I’m hoping that one day I’ll have as many cyclamen as snowdrops!

  3. Susie says:

    They are lovely. No wonder you’re walking the woodland daily. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Pauline.

  4. snowbird says:

    How beautiful, it’s always wonderful seeing nature doing what it’s best

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