May Abundance.

May is on fast forward at the moment. after the cooler than usual April which has held flowers back a bit, it is all change now that we have warm sunshine every day with everything trying to flower all at once. Once again the roses have beaten the rhododendrons into flower and something new seems to have opened up each time I look out of the window. There is so much to share with you , I can’t wait for Six on Saurday, so will do a mixed bag for mid week, I’m sure there will be Six new flowers by Saturday!

I’ll start with my latest dwarf iris to flower on the scree. From a distance it just looks brown, so was disappointed whenI first saw it, but when getting closer, I could see all the lovely colours that made up the petals. Orange/red fades into almost black which is highlighted by the cheeky little blue beard, then……………..

…………….. when I got really close and could see inside, I was completely bowled over when I saw the beautiful buttery yellow centre – what an amazing little iris!

Clematis Rebecca is flowering with lots of buds still to come, she will be going on an obelisk by the front drive to help hide the gas tank. Poor thing has been in her pot for a year now, I really must get her planted!

Viburnum plicatum Maresii has pushed to the front of the photo, it was supposed to be a photo of Azalea Homebush which is further away, but the camera decided otherwise!

They go so well together.

At last, a closeup of Azalea Homebush which has a gorgeous perfume.

Viburnum opulus roseum, the Snowball Bush is flowering away on the other side of the wide grass path by the field, lovely flowers.

The shrub is getting quite large now, maybe needs attention!

Hesperis matronalis which is flowering in the shady side of the bed round the dead oak. I must save the seed and make more of it, it has a beautiful perfume in the evening.

The rogersia in the bog garden is making its mark, the leaves will get much larger and turn green. I can see a flower bud coming, the flower will be pink.

Another of my large hostas, or should I say huge hostas at the back of the bog garden. This one is Sum and Substance which I moved from the woodland last year as it didn’t seem very happy, it is certainly happy now, in spite of sitting in flood water all winter!

I thought I had trimed all the stems of Clematis Etoille Violette last winter but must have missed one as it shouldn’t be flowering already, group 3, so should flower from August onwards This is climbing up the rose which is climbing up the dead oak.

This was supposed to be a photo of the lilac rhododendron, but the camera has focused on the Cotinus in front. When I looked at the photo I could see a lot of flower buds so went and had a look at the shrub, it is absolutely covered in buds which has never happened before, not since I planted it well over 20 yrs ago. Was the hot summer last year responsible?

Clematis Lasersturn is climbing up the drain paipe on the shady side of the conservatory.

The flowers that are in the shade are quite a dark blue,

but the flowers at the top, which are in the sunshine are much paler. Nice to have both on the one plant.

Already I can see more flowers that have opened since I took these photos, so there will be plenty for Saturday! Our good weather seems to be with us for a while to come, so plants and gardeners should be happy. I hope you all have a wonderful time gardening or enjoying your gardens!

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6 Responses to May Abundance.

  1. Denise says:

    What a wonderful selection Pauline. The dwarf iris really is amazing. Last year I bought new Iris siberica and am looking forward to seeing them flower this year. The Azalea and Viburnum combination is just magical.

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Denise, I think my little iris is the star of this week, it is so gorgeous! There are so many lovely Iris sibirica these days, I’m sure yours will be lovely when they flower, I must treat myself to some new ones, I just have the ordinary blue ones.The Azalea Homebush will need some attention, it is growing too big for its space! I will either have to prune it back or move it, will have to decide soon.

  2. Helen Jones says:

    Your camera, like mine, might have focused on the wrong thing but you’ve still got some lovely pics.
    I especially like Lasersturn, it’s beautiful.

    • Pauline says:

      I really should check my photos Helen, as I’m taking them, but each time they focus on something else which I haven’t noticed before! There is so much flowering at the moment, I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which photos to show.

  3. Beautiful. I love jewel-toned blossoms.

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