GBBD for June 2020.

Wandering round my garden yesterday showed that lots of plants have appreciated all the rain that we have been having recently and so have all the weeds, they are sprouting everywhere! Thank goodness my water butts are full again, I was getting a bit worried when we had non stop hot sunshine and a lot of recently purchased plants needed watering. One in particular that needed watering was a white peony.

Paeony Duchesse de Nemours, lovely flower and a delicious perfume.

Roses are still looking gorgeous, this one is Shropshire Lad, I think my favourite.

Another rose with an amazing perfume is Evelyn, she is used in the perfume industry.

Another very reiable rose which just keeps on flowering all summer with a true “old rose” perfume, The Dark Lady, wonderful.

Climbing up the dead oak is Rosa Mulligani, it flowers for a month, but is fantastic for that month!

Allium Globemaster is making a statement in one of the borders, standing very tall and proud.

Up at the top of the garden is Sambucus Black Lace. It has grown rather tall, so I think I will need to do some work on it once it has finished flowering.

Clematis Pagoda is excelling itself, it has never had so many flowers on it before.

Zantedeschia aethiopica is flowering away in the bog garden and seems very happy with the moisture there.

Parts of the garden are looking rather blue, thanks to Campanula poscharskyana and Geranium magnificum.

Allium christophii has been seeding about on the rockery, all are welcome!

Another that has been seeding into all the paving on the patio is Erigeron karvinskianus, another that is very welcome.

Climbing up one of our ancent ash trees in the back garden is Rosa Wedding Day which I planted when our daughter got married.

This is half way up…..

….and this morning I saw that it had climbed right to the top! The buds start out gold/yellow but open up white.

A lovely single rose, Rosa glauca, in the back garden. I love the tiny simple flowers and the contrasting blue/grey foliage.

These are a few of the plants that are flowering at the moment, they are all enjoying the warm wet weather that we are having and I think there will be quite a lot more rain this week to keep them happy.

As usual thanks go to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this each month, do pop over to her blog to see flowers from around the world.

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10 Responses to GBBD for June 2020.

  1. Denise says:

    A lovely mixed bunch Pauline and I’m so glad you got the much needed rain. Isn’t it amazing the heights to which roses can grow? I am still waiting for my first rose bud to open.

    • Pauline says:

      More rain due for the rest of the week Denise, so the plants will be very happy! The 2 roses climbing my 2 ancient trees do it without any help from me except sometimes I remember to fling a handful of fertiliser in the genreal direction of where I think their roots might be, but not every year. They never get additional water so their roots must be way down by now, fighting with the tree roots for any available moisture!

  2. Chloris says:

    Lovely to see your June flowers. I am glad your Pagoda is doing so well, mine seems to have died. It is so pretty and you don’t come across it very often.

    • Pauline says:

      So sorry to hear that you think your Clematis Pagoda has died Chloris, I agree, it is a pretty one and have never seen it advertised. A friend bought me mine and I thought it rather unusual at the time. I love the nodding bells, it has never flowered so much before, it has really excelled itself this year.

  3. Your roses are always lovely, Pauline, and it’s interesting to hear how well your clematis is flowering – that seems to be the case for all of my summer ones this year too

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Cathy, the roses have certainly been outstanding this year, probably due to our strange weather! I only have a couple of early summer clematis, most of mine are viticellas which are just starting to flower, so hopefully I will have a lot more clematis flowers to keep me happy.

  4. Caro says:

    Thank you for sharing your garden this month, Pauline. I do love to see the roses in other gardens; I don’t have any in mine but a communal border has a few very tired ones that I’d like to replace. Shropshire Lad is a stunner; definitely one for the wishlist!

    • Pauline says:

      Shropshire Lad is a stunning rose Caro, but he is a big lad and grows quite tall, he is very generous with his flowers and there always seem to be lots of buds waiting to open.

  5. Shirley says:

    A lovely scented selection Pauline, I’m getting to admire roses more in recent years and that Shropshire lad caught my eye! It’s lovely to see familiar garden plants like allium globemaster and christophii. I’m enjoying clematis more too (my garden is no longer the green leafy one it was once) and I do like your pagoda. I love the trumpet flower varieties. I wonder if we will have flowers in common next month 🙂

    • Pauline says:

      I’m sure we will have plants in common next month Shirley, we both garden for wildlife don’t we?! I do sometimes plant something just for me, but usually I’m thinking of what could benefit from a plant being in my garden. Bees, butterflies and birds are well catered for, but also lots of other things too.Sharing our gardens with the local wildlife brings another dimension to it and I think makes it a much better place to be.

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