10 for June.

Where has June gone to, it is rushing by faster than ever before, I just can’t keep up with everything! There is so much flowering at the moment, it is difficult to choose what to show you, roses have already had a post all to themselves and I am trying to avoid any blooms that were shown in my last post on the 15th, so here is my offering for June 23rd hosted by Chloris.

I have poppies sprouting everywhere on the rockery where shrubs have been cleared away, dug over and compost added. Just ordinary purple ones, but never mind, they look lovely and I am really enjoying them.

Astibles have started flowering, this is also on the rockery, I lost a lot of them in the bog garden due to the flooding in February, so I think I can move these to drier areas in the bog when they have finished flowering.

Geranium lancastrience has gone mad and is spreading everywhere.I will have to pot these up and move them to a place where they can spread at will, they remind me of home in the north west.

Santolina Lemon Fizz is lovely but getting too big for the alpine scree, I think I will have to take cuttings and start again.

My first daylily, is flowering, this one is hemerocallis Gentle Shepherd, soon all the others will be flowering, I can see hundreds of buds nearly ready to open.

It’s also hydrangea time, these lovely flowers will provide colour all through the summer.

This one is such a lovely pale blue, you wouldn’t think it started out as pink when my mother had it in a pot, I think it appreciated being released into my garden!

Saxifrage stoloniferra is spreading in shady places in the garden and looking very pretty at the moment.

Rosa Bonica wasn’t flowering when I did my Rose post, so I have included it now. It is always covered with lovely small flowers.

Rosa Bonica flowers non stop until the frosts and sometimes beyond. Only a slight perfume unfortunately but she makes up for it with all her flowers.

Geranium pratense Plenum Caeruleum, a double geranium.

This geranium has such pretty flowers, I think this is a variety called Summer Skies.

My white hydrangea under the kitchen window will keep me entranced all summer while washing the dishes, the bluetits obviously find food on this plant as they are always hopping round it.

Clematis Etoille Violet is flowering on an obelisk by the dead oak. It was supposed to have a rose for company but that seems to have died, it now has a honeysuckle that has popped up from nowhere, probably a seed dropped by the birds, I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t get strangled!

Those are my 10 or so blooms for June 23rd kindly hosted by Chloris at The Blooming Garden please pay her a visit to see other plants blooming at the moment.

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8 Responses to 10 for June.

  1. Denise says:

    I enjoyed this selection Pauline…..it must be so hard to choose just now with so many blooms to choose from. I also enjoy the poppies and the way they fill every available space, a real bonus.

    • Pauline says:

      It was hard choosing which flowers to photograph Denise, so many had appeared in recent posts.I have been sprinkling various poppy seed in other parts of the garden, but I think the poppies I have shown here must have been waiting to spring into life when I got the shrubs removed.

  2. Cathy says:

    Yes, it’s always hard to choose – and to avoid repeating! Good to see your Summer Skies which is something I had once, but sadly only briefly! Your purple poppy is such a lovely one to have popping up and they are so inoffensive, aren’t they? Etoile Violette is sich a good do-er – do you find the blooms vary in size? One of mine has tiny flowers this year, at least half the size of one of the others, but this year I have also noticed different size blooms the same plant of a different variety of clematis. Always good to see what’s blooming in your garden, Pauline

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks for your comments Cathy, I can’t say that I have noticed different sized blooms on C. Etoile Violette, must go and have a look! I have noticed that the flowering isn’t as good with the clematis on the pergola, simply because shrubs on the south side have grown too big and are casting too much shade – work to be done!

  3. snowbird says:

    Oh, I just love all of these! How beautiful your garden must look.xxx

  4. Chloris says:

    Thank you for sharing your lovely June blooms Pauline. I love the way Opium poppies pop up all over the place in such lovely colours. I have a beautiful double lilac one on my compost heap. It is a good idea having early and late roses to keep them going. Bonica is lovely. I love your geraniums and hydrangeas. And Etoile Violette is gorgeous.

    • Pauline says:

      One year Chloris, the whole of my vegetable garden was covered in poppies of all shades and colours, they must have been in the compost that I had spread! Everywhere is looking a bit battered after all the wind and rain in the past few days, must get out and tidy up.

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