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Six on Saturday. 8.7.2023

We have been told by our local weather forecaster that our day of rain last week only brought us 1.5 cms, nowhere near enough unfortunately, maybe this weekends rain will add to that. Yesterday was so hot, back to scorching … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday 1.7.2023

Half the year gone already, how time flies! Yesterday we had some lovely gentle rain nearly all day, I just hope it got through all the tree canopies and they didn’t act as umbrellas over the plants beneath. I have … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. 24.6.2023

We have had lots more hot sunshine during the week with just the odd little shower, I think it has rained a couple of times during the night, but nowhere near enough, we need more, lots more rain! I think … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. 13.05.2023

Well, what can I say about the weather this week, especially on Tuesday. Everything seems to be against me getting out into the garden and tidying it up at the moment. Tuesday we were warned that it would be bad, … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday 16.07.2022

I started off last Saturday saying how hot it was, I spoke too soon, it is even hotter this weekend and due to get even hotter still tomorrow and Monday. I am doing everything I can to stay cool and … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. 09. 07. 2022.

It is Hot, Hot, Hot! I’m hiding in the shade, feeling sorry for my plants that can’t move and get out of the heat, any gardening is done first thing in the morning, sometimes even before breakfast, after that, I … Continue reading

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Day Lilies giving colour everywhere.

Hemerocallis or Day Lilies, because as their name suggests they only flower for one day, soon though your plants are large enough to have loads of flowers so the flowering period is easily for a month. I find that frequent … Continue reading

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Day lilies – the new bog plants

Where my garden keeps getting flooded is planted with rather a lot of Hemerocallis or Day Lilies. I hadn’t realised when I planted them many years ago, that they liked water so much. They spent most of the winter sitting … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday 10.7.21

Once more the garden is changing gear, a lot of the poppies, iris and peonies, but not all,  have finished and are handing over to Hydrangeas, Hemerocallis and Crocosmia. The colours are changing with Hemerocallis and Crocosmia, their flowers are … Continue reading

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Borders bursting with colours.

July has been a very dry month, after a very wet June. I thought such a long time without any rain would have made the borders look dry and stressed by now, but I was wrong. Here in the SW … Continue reading

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