Borders bursting with colours.

July has been a very dry month, after a very wet June. I thought such a long time without any rain would have made the borders look dry and stressed by now, but I was wrong. Here in the SW we have only had 3% of our usual July rainfall, this is when I thank our heavy clay soil for keeping my plants going. Suddenly there was colour in all the borders from 3 families of plants, Crocosmia, Hydrangea and Hemerocallis. These aren’t the gentle pastel colours that had been in evidence in June, but the bright reds, yellows, oranges, purples, blues and white.

Crocosmias are thrusting themselves foreward and demanding attention, this is a lovely deep yellow one.

Crocosmia Lucifer is contrasting with Acanthus mollis which has gone mad this year. I think Lucifer will need splitting as there is now so much of it that I can’t get through the gate into the pond area!

Hemerocallis or Day Lilies are producing just as much knock out colour as the crocosmias, this is H. Stafford.

I can’t remember all their names though…sorry!

Another forgotten in the mists of time.

This is a smaller one up by the pond.

This is a reall stunner, it can be seen from right across the other side of the garden, such a bright colour.

Hydrangeas are packing a punch at the moment and should carry on for a long time yet. I can never understand these two, one pink and one blue, they are planted in the same soil next to each other, both started out pink, but as you see, one is a gorgeous blue and the other is pink/ towards lilac.

My blue lacecap is just starting to flower, I really like this one.

The white Hydrangea under the kitchen window has excelled itself this year. There are so many flowers, it is difficult to walk along the path in front.

There are more hydrangeas, crocosmias and and day lilies flowering , but I think you can get a hint of the colour in the garden at the moment. We have rain forecast for tomorrow, hopefully it will come and help to fill my water butts that are getting rather empty. so far I have just been watering my pots and any recent plantings, plants in the borders just have to cope the best they can and so far they are succeeding, thank goodness.

It is now next morning and it is raining!!!

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8 Responses to Borders bursting with colours.

  1. Denise says:

    It looks like this year is ‘flaming july’ for a change both for the weather and the lovely bold colour in your garden. I do love the bright Hemerocallis and Crocosmia Lucifer. Hope you get some rain soon. We have also not had as muc as we need.

    • Pauline says:

      The colour has certainly gone up a gear Denise and will hopefully stay for a while. Lucifer makes a big statement, you can’t miss him!

  2. snowbird says:

    I do love all those bold colours and the white hydrangea. Pleased to hear you are getting some rain

    • Pauline says:

      We had hardly any rain Dina, not what we were promised at all! The garden is very colourful at the moment and hopefully will continue like this for a while. The plants just have to cope without rain, I’m only watering my pots and any recent plantings, so I hope some real rain comes soon.

  3. Cathy says:

    Lots of lovely brights for you Pauline, even if I can’t see all the pictures! Hope all is well for you

    • Pauline says:

      I’m afraid all is not well Cathy, I’m really struggling with the garden and with the heat, it can’t get cooler soon enough!

  4. jason says:

    Love those bright colors! Our yellows and oranges are delayed this year because many plants are blooming late. Love your Crocosmia and the bright orange Daylily.

    • Pauline says:

      All the bright colours certainly make a change from last month Jason. Not very restful to look at but energising when wandering round the garden.

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