Six on Saturday. 7.8.21

We have had quite a lot of rain this week, everything is growing fast in the few hours of sunshine that we have had. Not much work got done in the garden because of the rain, there will be so much for me to do when I finally get out there. I think this weeks 6 are a mixed bag, so I’ll start with my first,

No 1  Red Admiral butterfly.

Red Admiral butterflies are everywhere when the sun shines, there are so many of them. This one seems nice and fresh, but even so has a bite out of its wing.

No 2  Peacock butterfly.

Also plenty of Peacock butterflies, beautiful patterns on the wings. The buddleia are certainly open for business at the moment and the butterflies are making the most of it.

No 3 Anemone japonica

The Japanese anemone or Anemone japonica, this is a pale pink variety, name lost in the mist of time unfortunately, planted many years ago in the back garden.

No 4  Perovskia

This Perovskia must be moved, I keep saying that I will move it from the scree, but have never got round to doing it yet, it is too big for where it is planted, I still like it though!

No 5  Bouquet of flowers.

A lovely bouquet of flowers which I received the other day. The gold and blue flowers have such rich deep colours, they are really beautiful.

No 6  Agapanthus.

The Agapanthus are now in full flower in the driveway border and are attracting lots of nice comments from visitors. The white ones have very large flower heads and tend to flop, but the blue ones are standing proudly upright with their smaller flowers.

We had a nice sunny day on Thursday when all these photos were taken, with pouring rain the next day, we have to just take each day as it comes.

These are my six for this week, Jon The Propagator is waiting to show you lots more flowers, so please pay him a visit!

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12 Responses to Six on Saturday. 7.8.21

  1. Megan Hall says:

    I love the butterflies, thank you! Especially the peacock. The anemone japonica is also v pretty. I think I have grown perovskia, maybe I’ll try it again 🙂

    • Pauline says:

      The butterflies loved the sunshine the other day Megan, unfortunately it is raining today so no sign of them. The anemone makes me think of autumn, summer is rushing by!

  2. Denise says:

    Your bouquet is beautiful Pauline. The Japanese anemones are appearing here as well and make me feel rather sad as I see them as a sign that summer is coming to a close. (I wrote this and then noticed your comment above).

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Denise, the flowers are lasting very well.Yes, the anemones mean autumn, soon it will be cyclamen and colchicums, the year is rushing by far too quickly!

  3. Prue Batten says:

    I envy you the butterflies. Beautiful.

    • Pauline says:

      I love it when the garden is full of butterflies, flitting everywhere Prue. We have had so much rain lately that the butterflies haven’t been here very much, hopefully this month will improve.

  4. Cathy says:

    An interesting and varied six, Pauline. What a lovely bouquet and no doubt for a special reason which I know was not your June birthday…

    • Pauline says:

      Yes, my 6 made a change from the norm Cathy. The bouquet is still beautiful but I think I’ll leave you wondering about the flowers though…..!

  5. Beautiful offerings Pauline. The butterflies are wonderful, especially the Peacock!

  6. snowbird says:

    Beautiful butterfly shots. I love the anemone, mine are a way behind yours. The agapanthus looks wonderfully dramatic. Lucky you receiving

    • Pauline says:

      Buttterflies were out in force this afternoon Dina, when the sun eventually shone, mostly Gatekeepers on the bramble flowers! I have sent for some supports for my white Agapanthus, the blues are fine, they stand up ok, but the white ones have such heavy flowers that they flop everywhere!x

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