Roses, roses everywhere.

All of a sudden there are roses everywhere in the garden and they are all flowering beautifully with lots of rather large flowers, is it all the rain we have had? So much colour from the roses and peonies and the rhododendrons are still flowering, so colour everywhere I look, on the grond, up it the air, climbing trees and walls of the house and on the pergola where some have escaped, unoticed at pruning time and climbed the apple tree! So many photos to choose from, but too many to put them all into one post, maybe have to split it into two.

I’ll start with one of my favourites, A Shropshire Lad with a perfume to match his good looks!

Buff Beauty, a floribunda rose, always has masses of blooms.

Heritage, another with so many blooms you can hardly see the foliage.

Another floribunda in the front garden, this time Ballerina.

Graham Thomas in the boder by the field which now gets flooded every winter, he doesn’t seem to mind!

Evelyn is another which gets flooded every winter, she seems quite happy by it, still has her wonderful perfume, so if she isn’t worried then neither am I.

The Dark Lady up near the top of the garden with huge blooms this year. She has a wonderful old rose fragrance when you stick your nose in, just like a dark red rose should smell.

Rosa Iceberg, I have 6 bushes of Iceberg lining the way through to the circular lawn and when the Roe deer visited a few weeks ago, he gave them all a good prune! Some buds managed to survive, but I see that all the stems which were neatly chewed, have now all sprouted again, so all is not lost, I will probably get some late flowers this year.

I think that will do for this post, we have got half way round the garden, so plenty more to come next week maybe! There are climbers on the pergola, the archway into the woodland, up the trees and the house, as well as roses in the borders of the back garden, such a lot to choose from.

Hopefully the weather will mean that we can all get out and enjoy our gardens whether that means working in them or just sitting and enjoying the atmosphere, I hope I’ll be doing a bit of both!


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4 Responses to Roses, roses everywhere.

  1. Denise says:

    Your roses are just beautiful Pauline and all looking so healthy. Amazing that some are so happy even with the flooding! I seem to have a bad outbreak of roll-leaf sawfly so some roses are distinctly unhappy. Do you ever have problems with this?

  2. snowbird says:

    Goodness, so many gorgeous roses. I love them all but the first id my

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