Six on Saturday 4. 06. 2022

What a busy week, watering, weeding, cutting back, deadheading, Jubilee watching, restoration work on a wood carving and cooking for visitors, it has been a very varied week indeed. I now need a rest as my back is protesting!

My six are as follows, they are all seedlings of my candelabra Primulas which have seeded into the front of the bog garden in the soil that sits under water all winter. There is an underground stream running under the border and I never need to water anything, even in the driest of summers, except recent plantings. The border has always been very wet in the winter but about 7 yrs ago it started to be flooded for months at a time, I’m so pleased that the seedlings like the conditions.

No 1

A very pale pink one suddenly popped up the other day, there is so much variety in the colouring of them all.

No 2

This one is darker pink and has the hint of red round the yellow eye.

No 3

Darker still, more lilac coloured, seems very happy sitting in the wet!

No 4

This one is verging on the Maganta spectrum and has a definite red line round the yellow eye.

No 5

This one is totally different, all yellow/gold. I’m not sure who has crossed with what to form this one.

No 6

Ive saved my favourite until the last, I think this one is absolutely gorgeous and so differnet from all the other seedlings, must try and keep this one. Who would think that such a lovely flower would relish sitting in cold, sometimes freezing water all winter!

I will try and sneak another photo in, showing the bog garden border with its variety of plants that like it wet .

The border looks complete now that the carving has been restored, the wood used was sweet chestnut and it is very heavy indeed. If I remember correctly I had to put it into the wheelbarrow to get it down to the house, but thank goodness I had a nice young man on hand to carry it back for me yesterday! All the plants are looking very happy indeed, especially after all the rain we had overnight.

Those are my 6 + for this week, I hope you have all been able to enjoy your gardens this week, either working or resting. Thanks again to Jon The Propagator for hosting, do pop over and catch up with what else is happening in the gardening world. Enjoy the rest of your Jubilee weekend here in the UK, I have enjoyed it so far with family and friends visiting over the four days, I think I will need a rest by Monday!

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15 Responses to Six on Saturday 4. 06. 2022

  1. Rosie says:

    Very pretty, nature is an amazing thing.

    • Pauline says:

      I think Nature is wonderful Rosie, there is always a plant somewhere to suit all conditions, its just a question of finding them!

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  3. Denise says:

    You have been busy Pauline and your bog garden is beautiful. It’s as well there is such variation in what plants like. Must just say…. sometimes, not always, your posts are going to my junk mail so I will try unsubscribing and then joining again.

    • Pauline says:

      I will agree, yes, I have been busy recently Denise and I think it is wonderful that Nature provides us with plants to suit every situation. Thought you must have been on holiday when I didn’t hear from you for a while, didn’t realise that I was sitting with your jumk!

  4. Jim Stephens says:

    I totally agree about the last being the best, that’s not a colour variation I’ve seen before. Number five looks much like the species P. bulleyana, maybe he’s the daddy for number six.

    • Pauline says:

      So glad you like my special candelabra Primula Jim, I thought from when the first bud started to open that the colours were unusual, nice to know we are in agreement! Interesting to hear about P. Bulleyana as I didn’t think I had that one, I have some seed waiting in the fridge , to be sown in the autumn! I suppose only a DNA test would sort out the parentage.

  5. Allison says:

    Lovely! I so wish that I could grow them. What an effective restoration to your sculpture. It looks fantastic.

    • Pauline says:

      I am really enjoying growing them Allison, it was a steep learning curve when we moved here from the north west and gardened on almost pure sand!Thank you for your comment on the carving, it looks so much better now, I really mustn’t let that happen again!

  6. Your carving is iconic and lovely. The border is beautiful.

    • Pauline says:

      Thank you so much Susie, it would have been such a shame to let the carving deteriorate further. This border is my next favorite after the woodland!

  7. snowbird says:

    Goodness, what beauties, especially the last one as you say. Yes, astonishing to think they could survive the cold and

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Dina, I suppose nature supplies a plant for every situation, we just have to find the correct one! My favourite is getting taller and opening more whorls of flowers up its stalk, I wonder how tall it will get?

  8. Cathy says:

    What an intriguing mix of seedlings, Pauline. How would you go about restoring a sculpture?

    • Pauline says:

      Seedlings are still adding extra colour to the bog garden, certainly worth letting them all go to seed last year!
      First of all the carving was brought under cover, which was a big job as I’d forgotten how heavy it was! Had to use the wheelbarrow to transport it. It then had a good scrub to get rid of all the yuck from the birds. It had rotted away a lot at the base as it had been sitting in the wet and snow, not that we often have snow, but it did its damage.I bought a large tub of wood filler and filled everywhere that needed it.When dry it is very hard and can be carved smoothed with a rasp and sandpaper, then eventually I gave it 4 coats of preservative and hoped that I will never have to do all that again! Fortunately I had a nice young man with strong muscles doing work in the garden when it was finished, so he carried it back for me and put it on its plinth. It also now has 2 pebbles underneath to raise it off the slab to keep it out of any wet that might collect there.

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