My new Plant of the Moment.

New flowers are opening faster than I can photograph them, but the ones that are filling the garden with colour at the moment belong to the Day Lilies or Hemerocallis.

Even though the flowers only last for one day, there are so many buds waiting to take their place on a mature plant, that you have colour for a good number of weeks. This one is H. Stafford.

A close up of H. Stafford.

H.Pink Damask.

I’m afraid I’ve forgotten most of their names.

One of my favourites, love the colour.

Some are quite frilly.

Most have quite large flowers, this one though has much smaller flowers.

H. Moonlight Serenade.

This one certainly stops me in my tracks, a real pop of colour.

The plants certainly look better if they are deadheaded each morning, it doesn’t take long and is well worth the effort.

I can see other plants that are almost on the point of flowering, so more “plants of the moment” are in the pipeline, they just keep coming, I hope that I can keep up with them! What is stopping you in your tracks at the moment when you wander round your garden at this wonderful time of year?

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20 Responses to My new Plant of the Moment.

  1. Alison says:

    It’s the height of daylily season here too, but I only have a couple that I really think are remarkable. Yours are beautiful! I have some enormous swaths of true lilies in my front beds that are opening now, and they’re what’s drawing my eye when I go out.

    • Pauline says:

      I am envious of your lilies Alison. I used to grow quite a selection of them, but now we are inundated with red lily beetle which devastate them, so mine are now dwindling away. Maybe after a few years I can try again.

  2. Rosemarie says:

    I had red lily beetle in Montreal – they are a menace, aren’t they ! I had no idea there was such an amazing selection of colours in the hemerocallis family 🙂

    • Pauline says:

      I hate the things Rosemarie, especially their offspring! I loved the lilies that I used to grow, such a shame I can’t anymore.

  3. Sally says:

    Hi Pauline,
    Daylilies certainly are the work horses of the garden. I love them and add more every year. Moonlight Serenade is stunning! Is that Feverfew that I see in the last picture? Mine doesn’t get nearly as tall.
    Right now, Butterfly Weed is in it’s glory and filling my garden with color along with Ox-eye Daisies. Daylilies are slowly opening and Liatris is starting to get color. It’s really a fun time of year.

    • Pauline says:

      I agree Sally, they are so good at bringing splashes of bright colour to the garden at this time of year. Yes, it is Feverfew that sneaked into the photo, they do frow quite tall here. I read how important your butterfly weed is for the Monarch butterflies, such an important plant.

  4. Marijke says:

    So many different beautiful daylily’s your have. beautiful.

  5. Denise says:

    You have a lovely range of hemerocallis Pauline. And I certainly love daylilies. My favourite is still the first one I bought, Ed Murray. Since then I have added many more and have no idea what most of them are called! My plant of the moment here has to be the rose. One by one my roses are all starting to flower, Madam Hardy, Adam Messerich, Camaieux and the Austin roses, Boscobel, Harlow Carr….

    • Pauline says:

      Our roses are having a rest at the moment Denise, they were super a couple of weeks ago, but we are now waiting for the second flush of flowers, you certainly have a wonderful selection!

  6. Frank says:

    Very nice! I don’t think I’ve ever noticed your love of daylilies before but you do have a wonderful selection. The blooms are always so fresh looking and the new batch every morning is always something to loo forward to.
    We are just getting into the phlox and lilies here. Both are amazing at the moment!

    • Pauline says:

      They usually get a mention Frank, but maybe not a whole post to themselves, they deserve it though! Lilies I just dream about, only a few now since we have been inundated with red lily beetle.

  7. Julieanne says:

    I love day lillies. You have some really gorgeous ones there. I’m particularly enamored of H. Moonlight Serenade.

  8. Susie says:

    They are lovely Pauline. Would be hard to choose a favorite. Each one is as lovely as the next.

  9. Jason says:

    I like this “plants of the moment” idea. Our daylilies are beginning to bloom as well, and I also have difficulty remembering the names of the different varieties. Sometimes I just make up my own names, for instance there’s a big yellow one I’ve rechristened ‘Big Banana’. A couple of names I do remember that are also favorites include ‘Eye-yi-yi’ and ‘Chicago Apache’.

    • Pauline says:

      They make such a splash of colour don’t they Jason, and really stand out in the garden. Some of the names are amazing, I wondder how the breeders think them up!

  10. snowbird says:

    What an amazing array of colours, just lovely, all of them! Perfect plants of the

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