Yellow peril.

The other day while working in the garden, I found this very yellow spider moving around the leaves of Iris pseudacorus Variegata. It was so very well camouflaged that I only knew it was there because it moved.


Spider and ant

When passing it later it was stalking this ant and later still the ant was missing – had it become a tasty meal?

Spider and bee

Another day, passing the rose “Graham Thomas” once again there was a bit of movement and there was the same spider once more. Was it the same one or did it have a friend?

Spider and bee

This time however it had claimed a bee which is rather sad. The area where this spider has been seen is all very yellow with the yellow iris, golden lemon balm, creeping jenny and the rose. I can’t help but wonder – has the spider changed its colour so that it blends with its background – I’ve never seen one this colour in the rest of the garden, maybe someone can tell me.

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4 Responses to Yellow peril.

  1. catmint says:

    thanks for sharing the drama in the garden – great pics too.

  2. Crab spiders come in yellow, pink or white. Takes a day or two, but they can change colour to match the next fresh flower. We had a vehement yellow one on a blue Felicia daisy – perhaps to spider vision that worked as camouflage.

    PS put a link to your blog on your Google profile?

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks for the information re the Crab spider – we have seen both yellow and white and wondered if it was the same one changing colour.
      Re the link, will have a word with my son this weekend, wouldn’t have a clue how to do it myself !!

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