Rosa mulligani and Rosa glauca.

Two roses which always cause comment when we have visitors to the garden, are the huge “mulligani” which is climbing up the dead oak and the dainty “glauca” which has lovely coloured leaves. Rosa mulligani is the same as the one trained beautifully over the arbour in the white garden at Sissinghurst, and that is where we first saw it many years ago. Ours is a rampant monster which is allowed to do its own thing and the dead oak forms a wonderfully strong support.

mulligani with deadoak

mulligani flowers

Th flowers open a lovely deep cream colour and then fade to white.

mulligani flowers

There is a perfume, some say pineapple, some say banana, I couldn’t really say what I think it smells like, a mixture of the two maybe.

Rosa glauca

Rosa glauca, formerly rubrifolia ( much nicer name ) can be kept small by being pruned the same as hybrid teas or left to grow taller when it then arches gracefully over lower plantings, I have mine arching over in the border.

Rosa glauca flower

The flowers are small and single, very pretty, and these in their turn form hips which the birds love in the winter.


The foliage is absolutely stunning, such a lovely shade of blue/grey and sets off the tiny pink flowers beautifully.

These two roses are a complete contrast to all the David Austin roses that I have. I love both sorts but as these are also invaluable for wildlife, then I think these two have to come top of my list. Which sort of rose do you prefer I wonder?

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8 Responses to Rosa mulligani and Rosa glauca.

  1. Love the glauca, always have. The leaves are an amazing colour, and seem to look good with everything.

    • Pauline says:

      I so agree Deborah, its a wonderful plant. I keep hoping for seedlings, but so far no such luck, maybe I will have to do some cuttings so that I can spread it round the garden.

  2. Cathy says:

    These are both incredibly gorgeous roses and I am totally green with rose envy! The leaves of the glauca are indeed lovely, but the blossom on that mulligani is absolutely stunning and you have captured it beautifully in that photograph.

    • Pauline says:

      Wow, Cathy, thanks for your lovely comments – so kind.Rosa mulligani is very special as it is my husbands family name, so we “had to have it” thank goodness we had a tree big enough to support it!

  3. I’m with Deborah. I’ve always wanted a rosa glauca but have never planted one since it is pure candy for the deer that roam around in my garden. I envy you that you can enjoy your roses with such abandon.

    • Pauline says:

      Deer can be such a problem, we see them on the field next to us, have even had their droppings on the drive, but so far they havn’t ventured further into the garden and found the roses,thank goodness!!

  4. hello Pauline, thanks for visiting my roses, I love these 2 of yours, I only came across the rosa glauca earlier this year when I was rose searching and I thought how beautiful it looked, I hope my new rambling roses grow into my trees as your Mulligani has, I love the way you have gone up into the trees with your plantings, Frances

    • Pauline says:

      Hope your trees are big and strong, Frances ! Rosa glauca is so beautiful at all stages through the year, foliage, flowers and hips, almost has it all, just a perfume missing !

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