Twice the space!

The new path that we  have made in the woodland now means that I have doubled the space to plant in! I don’t know why it has taken me nearly 30 yrs to do this, I really wish I had done it a long time ago and just hope that I live here long enough to get the benefit of it.

The new path from the left hand side, this end of the path is very wet, so I’m thinking more fritillaries and candelabra primulas, as well as more snowdrops in the drier bits. The green clump is Leucojum aestivum which is just starting to flower, I think I could split this clump.

The drier right hand end of the path, so lots more snowdrops, primroses and hellebores will be here either side of the path.

This view is from the new path looking towards the little drift of G. woronowii, on the right,  I’ve never been able to stand here before! Behind the camellias on the left are my piles of leaf mould.

The wild snowdrops have been multiplying undeath all the ivy, I was amazed at how many we found.

One of the first things to do was for Neil to remove 2 rhododendrons that haven’t flowered for years. A visitor to the garden said that she would take them if I really didn’t want them any more. They have now gone and there seems to be so much more space.

Neil has moved one of my favourite hellebores from the other side of the garden and put it in the hole left by the rhodo. He brought it with a big rootball so hopefully it won’t realise that it has been moved. It was given a generous helping of leafmould so I hope it will be happy, I must remember to water it if it doesn’t rain.

I hope to soon have what is now a large island bed, matching the original border. Lots more bulbs will be added next autumn for hopefully an improved display next February.

Looking into the woodland from the archway. The new path goes round behind the Acer in the centre of the photo.

A good mulch of leaf mould has been added to improve the soil, although the ivy did trap loads of leaves which made their own leaf mould so the soil wasn’t too bad.

Lots more plants have been ordered to pop in between the snowdrops, narcissus and hellebores that have been seeding about. I have ordered from my usual supplier Plants for Shade who only deal in shady plants at

This is the original path where at one time there was just planting along the edge of  the centre of the woodland. I must get some bark chippings down to make a better path.

The slight slope at the left hand end of the woodland marks the place where the path now turns and becomes an oval walk.

This is the view I now get from the pile of leaf mould in a corner of the woodland.

I found some nice clumps of wild single snowdrops to the left of the pergola at the far side of the garden by the field next door. I can bring these over to the woodland to add to what is already there.

Special snowdrops have been heeled in one of the vegetable beds for the last couple of years, waiting for the path to be done. At last they can go into their proper place on either side of the new path!

I was out yesterday afternoon when my plants were due to be delivered so I sent the courier an email telling them just to leave the boxes in the porch. The boxes were duly stacked by the front door when I got back, it was like Christmas opening them up!

Not a lot to look at at the moment, but each little pot contains a woodland gem.

My order contains 4 varieties of ferns, 3 varieties of hostas, 1 Bergenia, 2 varieties of Brunnera,3 Cardamine pratensis, 1 pot of Lily of the Valley, 1 Epimedium, 3 Pulmonarias and 1 Uvularia.  I will also buy a couple more Heucheras. These will all add foliage interest in the summer when it is too dark for flowers when all the leaves are on the trees.

At the moment they are getting some fresh air after their journey and I will now go and water them as a couple look a bit dry, planting can wait a day or two.

I have some forget me not seed that I can sprinkle, lots of foxglove, Arum italicum marmoratum and primrose seedlings that I can move from elsewhere and a few Meconopsis, Hellebores, wild single snowdrops and Candelabra primrose plants that can be moved, as well as a couple of Acers that are in pots at the moment. Then of course lots of bulbs to add next autumn, we’re going to be busy!

21 Primrose seedlings now potted up from the front drive, waiting to be planted in the woodland.

It’s amazing how a rise in the temperature and a bit of sunshine can bestir me into action, I keep reminding myself that our worst weather last year was half way through March!

Lots more narcissus pseudonarcissus are now flowering, the colour in the woodland is changing from white to yellow.

Are you the same as me or are you sensible and waiting for true spring to arrive before getting busy in the garden?

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16 Responses to Twice the space!

  1. Christina says:

    What a wonderful project, you have been very busy. With all the plants you have been able to move and your new purchases the woodland will continue to look wonderful.

    • Pauline says:

      I have really enjoyed doing it Christina, of course it helps having someone else doing the really hard work! I hope to be potting up the foxglove seedlings tomorrow, so then I should soon be able to start placing the plants, prior to planting. After that splitting of wild snowdrops will take place, with Neils help of course, as it is a back breaking job.

  2. Denise says:

    Your woodland garden really is wonderful and what a difference all the new plants and transfer plants will make. I have certainly been pleasantly surprised just how quickly a woodland garden establishes. We have a rise in temperature here too Pauline though Winter is far from over yet. Still I have been stirred into action trying to repair mole damage….they really have been very busy. And the phrase ‘you can’t make a mountian out of a molehill’ appeals to have been disproved!

    • Pauline says:

      Thank you Denise, it was such a surprise to find so much new planting space, I can really enjoy myself choosing lots more plants to put here. I’m glad someone else has stirred with the sunshine, too good to waste staying indoors! Talking of moles, mine seems to be making its way through the bank that leads to the woodland, the one place where I really don’t want it, if it dares to mess up my precious snowdrops…..!

  3. Diana Studer says:

    Oh exciting – and in a year or two that new bit will be stunning!

  4. Sue C. says:

    What fun – and how lovely to have those planting opportunities!! It will be great to follow the progress of this new area. Looking forward to watching it develop.

    • Pauline says:

      For a long time Sue, I’ve been thinking of the space that had been wasted under all the ivy, the ivy though did keep the weeds down! There is still a lot more to do this year, but by next year there should be a big difference.

  5. rusty duck says:

    You have been busy! It’s great to have more space to plant. I’ve discovered that my special snowdrops are doing better with a bit more sun. It’s given me the incentive I need to clear more ground!

    • Pauline says:

      It is wonderful suddenly finding more space to play with Jessica, like a child in a sweetie shop! The snowdrops are multiplying nicely even though they are in semi shade, there are a few snowdrops that really prefer sun to shade. Enjoy your clearing!

  6. snowbird says:

    Loving that new path and all your spring bulbs. Oh….your purchases are wonderful! I have my fingers and toes crossed that it stays mild, I can’t stand the idea of a cold

    • Pauline says:

      I really hope we don’t get another Beast next month Dina, although if I remember correctly the plants stood up to it well, better than I did! I will be out planting today as it looks as though we’ll have a good gardening day.

  7. Peter says:

    I’m so happy for you that you’ve got a newly opened space with which to play. It’s already looking fantastic. It’s always exciting to find new ground to plant. Let’s hope that March is kind this year.

    • Pauline says:

      It really is wonderful Peter to have so much new space to be planted up. I potted up 30 foxglove seedlings this morning from elsewhere in the garden, now I can plant in 5s and 7s like the books and magazines tell us to, but I’ll have to wait until next year fro them to flower. We are having such warm weather at the moment with wind coming from the Carribean, the snowdrops are going over too quickly, they are used to it being wet and cold in February, temperature today is 16C! Hope all your snow has now gone and that your garden is getting back to normal.

  8. Cathy says:

    I love this new path through your woodland – what a joy it will become. And well done on ousting those rhododendrons! I have become quite tough with non-performers or plants and now have no regrets ousting them. If someone else wants them then so much the better!

    • Pauline says:

      Glad you like it Cathy, I’ve been busy planting up the plants that came in the post, still a few more to do. Then I must split the wild snowdrops before I can add all the foxglove and primrose seedlings that I have potted up. I’m glad the rhodos will be going to a good home, didn’t want to just throw them out, the woodland space seems so much larger without them.

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