Ten blooming families for September

Flowers are still putting in an appearance even though the weather is decidedly autumnal now.The heat and the sunshine of last week has been replaced by rain and much cooler temperatures, there are fewer butterfly and bee visitors this week, which I suppose is to be expected. Certain families of plants are continuing to flower, making a really good show of all their blooms. You have seen a lot of them before in other posts, but then, I like plants that flower for a long time! I’ll start in the front and then flollow my usual path round the garden.

Making a big impact in the front border are masses of seedling Asters which have spread each year. I keep meaning to pull them out but the all bees love them, so many varieties are to be found feeding whenever the sun shines, unfortunately the sun wasn’t shining when I took my photos!.

Butterflies like them too, this is a Speckled Wood. I’m thinking maybe I should just move them to the back of the border for the  future.

Some seedlings have jumped across the driveway and have come up white.

Another in the daisy family is Erigeron karvinskianus, spreading merrily through the patio by the back door. This plant obviously likes the sand that the flags are laid on, because it is coming up everywhere now and I’m even having to pull seedlings up and give them away!

Usually covered with bees and butterflies is Eupatorium maculatum atropurpureum, they really love it.

I have three buddlia bushes in this border and they do get their fair share of butterflies, but not as many as the previous plant.

Fuchsias are still flowering like mad, bringing colour to so many borders.

Fuchsia magellanica Alba is in the back garden and looking up into all the flowers, they look like little icicles.

Fuchsia magellanica Whiteknights Blush is by the conservatory and is a real mass of flowers, looking ever so pretty.

Hydrangeas are still flowering well, H.Ayesha has just opened a new flower which is looking nice and fresh.

Hydrangea paniculata Kyushu? is doing well considering it is so young.

I have quite a few Miscanthus grasses, this is my favourite which has purple flowerheads, M. malepartus.

My Myrtle tree has flowered as never before, it is absolutely covered with flowers. I just hope that this doesn’t mean that the tree thinks it is going to die and is trying to reproduce itself!

Still more cyclamen are opening each day, I have found more new ones outside the garden, the other side of the hedge by the road through the village, which must have come from seed carried through the hedge from the ones inside. To start with I thought that someone had dropped litter at the bottom of the hedge as I was driving past, when returning though, I came very slowly down the hill and sure enough there are 4 new cyclamen plants in the grass right by the road, in full sunshine, all with white flowers.

I really like the ones with silvery leaves.

I certainly didn’t plant this one, it is wedged right up against a step in the gravel garden at the back, I must move it before next year!

Geranium Rozanne doesn’t know when to stop flowering, I hope she doesn’t exhaust herself!

Geranium Ann Folkard weaves her way throughout the front border. I pull a lot out each year, but enough is always left to make a show at this time of year.

My tenth family is the rose family, which carries on until the real winter sets in, sometimes with flowers here and there until Christmas. This is Rosa Iceberg.

That is it for September, I managed to get my photos taken in between showers and I think it has rained almost non stop since, the garden needed it though and is looking a lot happier now. Changes are afoot in the garden and I hope to have a lot more late summer flowers next year .

Thanks to Chloris at The Blooming Garden for hosting this each month, please pay her a visit to see what is blooming elsewhere.

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8 Responses to Ten blooming families for September

  1. Chloris says:

    Ayesha is one of my favourite hydrangeas, it is so pretty. I renember you always have a lot of lovely cyclamen, they are a delight at this time of the year. Asters do seed around but they are always welcome. I love getting new colours too.
    I am looking forward to seeing your new plans. Thank you for joining in Pauline. I wish you didn’t live so far away, I would love to see your garden.

    • Pauline says:

      I’m afraid Chloris, that since my lovely Undergardener died, the garden hasn’t been the same really, it’s amazing what you can edit when taking photos! There are times when I am really struggling but at the moment I couldn’t bear to leave it even though it would be the sensible thing to do. I do have someone who comes for 4 hrs a week, but it isn’t the same. I will keep gardening for as long as I can!

  2. Denise says:

    Almost the end of September and still so much flowering in your garden Pauline. It sounds like your cyclamen are heading for the village.The Myrtle tree is just lovely. I look forward to hearing more about your planned changes in due course!

    • Pauline says:

      I think you might be right where my cyclamen are concerned Denise! My new border will just be a revamp of one of my old borders, I don’t want to change any of the structure of the garden, just the planting in one area, to make it more interesting at this time of year.

  3. Jason says:

    Your myrtle tree – wow! But I have to ask, is that a myrtle as in Myrtis or as in Lagerstroemia?

    • Pauline says:

      I had to look this one up Jason as it is so long since I planted my tree. I think it is Myrtus luma, the only one that I can find that flowers at this time of year. My book says it isn’t fully hardy, but mine has survived quite a few very frosty wingters.

  4. snowbird says:

    Delightful, as always seeing so many flowers blooming. It’s always great when plants self-seed. Love the white asters.xxx

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Dina, I like self seeders too, especially when they attract so many different varieties of bees, I’ll just have to move some of them to a better place! x

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