Six on Saturday 3.7.21

This week, for my Six on Saturday,  I’ll be concentrating on the roses that didn’t appear in my earlier rose post. Two  are huge ramblers, two are climbers and two are shrub roses that  didn’t wake up with the rest.

No 1. Rosa Wedding Day

R. Wedding Day was planted when my daughter got married and has grown up its support, an ash tree, part of it has been blown down again but most of it has climbed to the top.

This branch has managed to get half way.

And this one has made it all the way to the top, at about 50 ft I reckon.

No 2. Rosa Mulligani

R. Mulligani is climbing up the dead oak in the centre of the garden, I think this one is determined not to reach the top of the tree, it would rather flop down. There are thousands of buds waiting to open.

The flowers are lovely, they have a faint perfume, some say bananas some say pineapple, I can’t decide!

No 3. Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere

Climbing up and over the pergola is Mdme Alfred Carriere. She has just started to flower and will do so for quite a long time.

The flowers of Madame start out very pale pink but soon fade to white. A vigorous rose!

No 4. Rosa New Dawn.

Sharing the pergola with Mdme on the other side is Rosa New Dawn, such a delicate shade of pink.

R. New Dawn is nowhere near as vigorous as the previous one, much easier to keep under control.

No 5. Rosa Bonica.

Rosa Bonica is so free with its flowers and carries on for so long, really worth its space.

I bought one bush and now have 5 more from cuttings!

No 6 Rosa Liverpool Hope.

When I ordered R. Liverpool Hope recently I thought I was ordering a peach coloured rose, I hadn’t realised the beautiful colour changes it would go through before it reached peach.

It has all the colours of a beautiful sunrise and starts out the shape of a Hybrid Tea rose.

After a few days, when it is fully open, it has the shape and number of petals of an old fashioned rose and that lovely peachy colour that I was wanting to contrast with the blue flowers round it. If I have a criticism it is that the branches are rather floppy, maybe in future I will have to put some twigs in between to support them.

These are my 6 for this week. I’m still frantically tackling the weeds that want to fill the garden, beds that have already been done are sprouting again, it is never ending! We have more rain forecast for today so I will get out into the garden whenever possible. At least when its raining I can watch Wimbledon!

Many thanks to Jon the Propagator for hosting once more, do pay him a visit to see what others have growing in their gardens.


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13 Responses to Six on Saturday 3.7.21

  1. Chloris says:

    More lovely roses. Many of mine are looking rather bedraggled, we have had so much rain. And was there ever such a year for weeds?

    • Pauline says:

      The roses are the stars of the garden at the moment Chloris, even though I don’t have as many as you! This has been the best year for roses and weeds!

  2. Cathy says:

    I suspect your Mme AC will need a lot of taking in hand…I know I wasn’t aware of its vigorousness when I bought mine! She is invariably the first rose to come into bloom here. I agree that floppiness in roses is such a disappointing trait…🙄

    • Pauline says:

      Madame is left to the gardener and even the Undergardener was given a lesson in pruning her each year, I wasn’t getting up a ladder to do it Cathy! I’m hoping that Liverpool Hope will get more sturdy with age.

  3. Denise says:

    If I hadn’t read your descriptions I could well think the three photos of Liverpool Hope were three different roses. I think it’s a wonderful rose. Your climbing roses are magnificent, they must make quite an impact.

    • Pauline says:

      I agree that the last photo of Liverpool Hope is so different from when it started to open, I couldn’t believe the change Denise! The ramblers are both up very strong supports, the dead oak and an ash tree, they have to be able to cope with all that weight and yes, they are magnificent for the month that they flower.

  4. Beautiful roses Pauline. Mdme Alfred Carriere is such a pretty one.

    • Pauline says:

      Thank you Susie,Madame is a lovely rose but she is so vigorous, she needs a ladder to be deadheaded and pruned and my ladder climbing days are over!

  5. Anna says:

    Oh great to see more photos of ‘Liverpool Hope’ Pauline. It’s a beauty. I think that I have a vigorous ‘New Dawn’ 😂

    • Pauline says:

      It’s certainly an interesting rose Anna, the way the flower changes so much. My New Dawn is quite vigorous but much better behave than a certain lady!

  6. snowbird says:

    Oh, lovely roses, especially Alfred Carrier and my favourite, Liverpool hope, what a beauty she is!xxx

    • Pauline says:

      Liverpool Hope certainly is a beauty Dina, but her flowers end up so large and heavy that she seems to hang her head in shame, which is such a pity, it means I have to be very prompt in deadheading her.x

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