Six on Saturday. 28.01.2023.

We have just had another week of heavy frosts each night, but now the weather is warming up slightly and by next week we might be up to double figures! It has been cold out tidying the woodland but a lot of work has been done, fingers and toes eventually making me go back inside and make myself a warm drink or two. This week I have been weeding and am well over half way, hopefully more will be done this weekend. Just the leaf mould to be put down as a mulch and then bark chippings to be bought and spread, this will be done by Joseph (my roofer, who now does the odd job for me now and again) while I can then get on with tidying the rockery. My six for this week are as follows………

No 1

Galanthus Angelique on the rockery.

My six are all snowdrops this time, none of them are open unfortunately as the temperature wasn’t high enough, they open and show their markings when the temperature reaches 10C which is when the bees start buzzing around.

No 2.

G. Trumps looks as though he is marching across the border, but I think a mole has its tunnels underneath and is moving the bulbs about.

No 3.

G. Robin Hood, I think I should move some of my bulbs into the woodland to be with G. Little John, even though Little John flowers earlier and is almost finished now.

No 4.

G. Magnet has formed a large clump now so I really ought to split them and spread them out.

No 5.

The little slope at the end of the woodland is now starting to look a lot better, bulbs are spreading nicely. The large flowers on the left are Diggory, to its right looking rather yellow, is Wendy’s Gold and to the right again is Lapwing. The Iris foedeissima by Diggory was removed yesterday, can’t have it messing with my snowdrops!

No 6.

I’ve included this one, G. Jack in the Green, as the leaves are so different from all the others, a really dark, shiny green, whereas other snowdrops have blue/grey matt leaves.

Plus just one more?

G. Godfrey Owen, like all the others, they would look so much better if the flowers were open and show their markings. This one though has 6 petals that are all white, no markings, so are different from the others.

Those are my six or seven for this week, hopefully by next weekend the snowdrops will be open and more plants flowering, the birds already think it is spring and are getting into pairs. I’m now going to do my Big Garden Bird Watch and see how many differnt species I can see in an hour, maybe next weeks six will be all birds!

Thanks again to Jim at Garden Ruminations for organising us, do pop over to him to see what other gardeners are up to this week.

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12 Responses to Six on Saturday. 28.01.2023.

  1. Rosie Amber says:

    I think that I am on repeat when I say that I am still waiting for my first Snowdrops! I did enjoy seeing all of yours, though.

  2. Jim Stephens says:

    I was looking through Avon Bulbs catalogue yesterday and fighting the temptation to spend ludicrous amounts of money on snowdrops. I have been telling myself, and others, for years that I don’t understand galanthophiles and their obsession. Truth is I understand perfectly but don’t need another obsession to add to those I already suffer from. If you were going to recommend just one, which would it be?

    • Pauline says:

      I too have been looking through Avon Bulbs catalogue and am trying to resist temptation, telling myself that I really don’t need any more! There are lots of lovely varieties that don’t cost the earth, I have a limit and won’t go above it, new varieties become cheaper over the years. I like snowdrops that bulk up quickly and stand out from the rest so I would recommend G. Magnet to start off with, or G. Little John. If you would like a couple of bulbs, please let me know.

  3. Gill Heavens says:

    You have some beautiful snowdrops, what a treat! It is very tempting to get a few more and like Jim I was also looking in the Avon Bulbs catalogue …….. I must be strong!

    • Pauline says:

      Like you and Jim, I’m trying to be strong and not order more from Avon Bulbs catalogue! Lots more snowdrops are opening as the weather starts to warm up, soon my little woodland will be looking pretty once more.

  4. Denise says:

    Looks like the Avon bulb catalogue is very popular lol. You have a lovely collection Pauline. I have managed to stop with the two I have, Magnet and Blewbury Tart, both kindly given to me by a friend.

    • Pauline says:

      I think we are all trying not to be tempted Denise, by a lovely catalogue! I have a super clump of Magnet, they have increased very well, but have managed to resist Blewbury Tart so far.

  5. Oh they are definitely ready and waiting, Pauline – I hadn’t heard of 10 degrees being the tipping point, but am pleased that over the next fortnight daytime temperatures are due to be around that here

    • Pauline says:

      The sun was out yesterday Cathy, the temperature rose and the snowdrops opened, it was lovely to see all the inner markings once more. I just hope that it will be the same when my village ladies come and for you too of course!

  6. snowbird says:

    How delightful seeing so many different snowdrops. gorgeous they are, so

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