Six on Saturday, 03.09.2022.

I’ve rather a change with my 6 photos this week, they could be subtitled “The Mystery of the Maize Thief”.

Looking at my garden, following the clues and working out who has been stealing the maize from the farmer’s field next door is like following the clues in a murder mystery, without the murder, thank goodness!

Clue no 1. I recognised this as the top of a cob of maize. This was found just my side of the hedge with the maize field the other side.

Clue no 2. About 20 ft away was more evidence. Something couldn’t wait to eat their ill gotten gains.

Clue no 3. Not very far away was the evidence of not very tidy eaters, they certainly haven’t cleared up after themselves!

Aha! caught you in the act! This was taken in the back garden by the woodland.

When I moved to the conservatory to take this photo, it decided to climb the nearby Acer tree. I don’t know how it managed to carry the cob in its mouth, it seemed too big and heavy.

It then settled down and stayed for some time having a good feed.

I’m finding more bits of maize each day, I think the farmer had better get his crop in fairly soon or he won’t have any left! The squirrels are certainly enjoying their unexpected bounty and are making the most of it being just the other side of the hedge.

We have been promised a lot of rain this weekend, after another dry week, just hope it arrives this time! Hopefully I’ll be back to normal next week with more flower photos. In the meantime, thanks as usual to Jon The Propagator for organising us, do pay him a visit to see what is happening in other gardens around the world.


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14 Responses to Six on Saturday, 03.09.2022.

  1. Rosie says:

    What a fun mystery to solve.

  2. Denise says:

    Loved this post Pauline….I do like a good mystery…. and one with a happy ending…for the squirrel at least lol.

  3. Jim Stephens says:

    The same mystery on my allotment last year turned out to be the version without fluffy tails. I’m keeping a very close watch this year, traps at the ready.

  4. Cathy says:

    Good to have an outcome from the mystery – and wonderful to catch the culprit in the act!

  5. Allison says:

    What fun detection! Some how squirrels don’t seem so bad. Impressive lugging it up that tree too!

  6. S Rajkotwala says:

    Aw how cute ☺🌼👍 I would almost grow some maize to feed these cute fellows! Love your post!

  7. snowbird says:

    What a lovely post! Who knew squirrels ate corn, that guy seems to be enjoying

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