September roundup

The weather in September has been quite kind to us in the SW of the UK, a bit of rain, a bit of sun, lots of cloud, bit of fog and not much wind. The last couple of days though, have been amazingly hot and sunny, poor plants just don’t know what to do. Some shrubs are flowering again along with autumn tints – they are so confused. There are a few plants that have been flowering all through the summer into autumn and I think the main one is lovely Verbena bonariensis, it just gets better and better as the weeks go by.


R. Evelyn

Roses are still flowering and looking good, this one is Evelyn, such a lovely perfume too. It’s beautiful when the bud is just opening…..


and just as gorgeous when fully out.

Stipa gigantea

Stipa gigantea is still strutting its stuff as it has done for months, eventually the winter winds will take their toll.In the background you can see where we have cut our mini meadow, bit brown, but it only takes a couple of weeks to green up again and look like a normal lawn once more.


This is a Crocosmia which suddenly appeared in the garden, late flowering, this will get moved to the red section of my rainbow sometime soon.

Clematis Huldine

Clematis Huldine is a late flowering one, here on the pergola which leads through to the fruit and veg.

Clematis Huldine

The back of the flowers is as good as the front, it has lovely maroon stripes on the back of the petals

R. Iceberg

Rosa Iceberg still flowering into its fourth month, not many left now.


Sedum is attracting all the bees and butterflies and will do so for a while yet.


What is this cowslip doing, really mixed up by the weather.

M. moschata alba

Malva moschata alba has been flowering all summer and spreading itself around the garden.


Colchicums are looking really lovely where the wind hasn’t flattened them.


Cyclamen shining out of all the shady corners make the dark areas come to life.

C.hederifolium alba

Seedlings come up all different shades of white, pink and magenta.

Lobelia Victoria

The lobelia that I bought for my rainbow border is flowering in its pot, this will have to be kept in the greenhouse over winter as it isn’t reliably hardy here, then in the spring, I should be able to split it into 3 or 4.


Have waited a long time for my Kirengeshoma koreana to flower, but something seems to be stripping the flowers off, I wonder who the culprit is?


The flowers are beautiful if you turn them up to have a look.

R.Gertrude Jekyll

Rosa Gertrude Jekyll is just finishing her 3rd lot of flowering, not many buds left now.

Leycestaria formosa

Soon the birds will be eating the berries from Leycestaria formosa, then we will have seedlings all over the garden!


The Holly Blue butterflies will soon be laying their eggs on these flower buds of the ivy by the front gate.


The bees and butterflies are enjoying their nectar feeds from this aster, sorry can’t remember its name, lovely pinky blue.


This Yellow verbascum has just appeared in the garden, used to have one in much the same spot over 10yrs ago, but havn’t seen any in between.


Tulbaghia is almost our last bulb to flower, very dainty.


I was just about to deadhead the Perovskia when I noticed that all the sideshoots are now flowering so it only had a light trim and looks beautiful once more. Looks even better with a fog spangled spiders web to adorn it!

Evening Primrose

Evening Primroses will soon be finished, what a long season thay have had.


Another plant that has flowered right through the summer is this Anthemis.

R. Ballerina

Just a few more roses to finish off with, this is Ballerina.

R. Buff Beauty

and Buff beauty, I really like the colour of this one.

R. Bonica

And to finish off, this is Bonica which is fantastic for non stop flowering, even tried to keep going last winter after we had our first and second lot of snow and ice, fantastic rose.

The flowers from now on will get less and less, the plants will have earned their rest over the autumn and winter. The garden will take on new colours as the leaves turn and we all have our wonderful displays of autumn tints once more. The weather forecasters tell us that by the end of October parts of the country will be covered in snow , hard to believe when you see the blazing sun we are having at the moment……do we believe them?!

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4 Responses to September roundup

  1. beautiful blooms Pauline but my fav is the spangled spiders web, I wish we had just a little of the heat wave up here though I’m glad we don’t get as cold in winter ~ can’t have it all, the evening primroses that come up with the seeds I planted are only just getting going there are lots of them full of buds …… really wierd for October, Frances

    • Pauline says:

      I’m fascinated with spiders webs too Frances, can’t resist photographing them. Went in the garden yesterday and took loads more photos of webs, I’ll just have to do another post about them! We had thick fog to start with, then when the sun came out – Magic!
      Hope you have lots of flowers opening soon on your evening primroses before the really cold weather arrives.

  2. catmint says:

    Hi Pauline, agree with you and Island Threads about spider webs. Many lovely flowers that seem to do OK despite the weather. My thinking is that the weather like everything else, is changing, and there will be winners and losers. cheers, catmint

    • Pauline says:

      Wonderful – it sounds as if I will have at least 2 people happy to read another post about spider’s webs. I agree Catmint that things are changing around us and as long as we have flowers, I don’t really mind if plants are flowering out of turn, as long as the wildlife is still around to collect the nectar and pollen and fertilise our crops, can’t have us all starving!

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