Relaxing at Rickmansworth.

We have just spent a lovely weekend visiting our son and daughter in law in London. Went for a relaxing walk at the nature reserve at Rickmansworth on the Saturday morning.


Swan lake

These were the swans that greeted us – what a lovely welcome.


Soon spotted lots of fungi – sure sign that autumn is on the way.


Also lots of beautiful bark on the trees around us.


There were masses of wild asters around the lake for the bees and butterflies to enjoy,


along with what I think are a few mallow flowers.

Hawthorn berries

Loads of Hawthorn berries on the trees, ready to feed the birds in the winter.


I loved the hundreds of beautiful trees, casting welcome shade in the sun.

We really enjoyed our visit, its wonderful that London has so many parks like this, they certainly are the lungs of the city. What better way to  conclude  a wonderful morning than with a superb pub lunch  at The Feathers  in Rickmansworth !

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8 Responses to Relaxing at Rickmansworth.

  1. Alberto says:

    What a nice trip, Pauline!
    I’m always looking forward to going back to London… There are a huge amount of beautiful parks there, which is rather odd for a city that big and that busy!
    I wish my hawthorn sets berries like those, they’re beautifully polished red! I have a couple hawthorn shrubs in my garden I’m waiting to see grown up and in bloom…

    • Pauline says:

      You have reminded me, Alberto, to go and have a look at my hawthorn trees here in the garden, there are a few berries but nowhere near as many as in London. We had lots of blossom in the spring, so I wonder why, or maybe my birds are eating them already !

  2. catmint says:

    what an enjoyable nature fix. thanks for letting me come along vicariously.

  3. glad you had a nice weekend with your family Pauline, the park looks lovely and not crowded, Frances

    • Pauline says:

      It was a lovely weekend Frances, there were lots of people enjoying the park with their young families and dogs, but as it is such a large area, it never seemed crowded while we were there. It was nice to go away, but lovely to come back home again.

  4. Christina says:

    Your post brought back so many happy memories of walking in parks or the countryside on a Sunday morning in England, thank you, Christina

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