Let’s hear it for Clematis montana.

Do you have a plant that has survived in spite of all the odds stacked against it, and that includes a gardener who has neglected it for years ?!!!



I hang my head in shame, but am full of admiration for my Clematis montana which obviously decided that it was going to survive in spite of me, and not just survive, it decided that it wanted to have the tallest flowers in the village or maybe even Devon!!

montana with oak

I must have planted it at least 10 yrs ago – watered it a bit and then must have forgotten about it when taking care of the other clematis in the garden.

Oak with montana

In my defence, it was planted at the back of a border where the rhododendrons took the limelight and I think that is how it got forgotten. It was planted at the base of one of our old oaks (at least 200 yrs old ) and I thought that it would look lovely from the house,  decorating the tree, that was the original idea anyway. Eventually,  I thought it must have died  because there was no sign of it.

behind montana

Last year I was amazed to see it tumbling down the other side of the oak – it is only when you are up on the circular lawn  that you see it, as long as you look up. Last year it was rewarded with a handful of fertiliser and again this year, which means that it has now climbed even higher. It is now well over 50ft and still climbing.

View with montana

It will never be neglected again, it has done all this  with virtually no help from me – all my visitors are dragged to see and admire it.

View of montana

Do you have any plants that have amazed you with their determination to survive or maybe you are not a forgetful gardener like me !

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6 Responses to Let’s hear it for Clematis montana.

  1. perhaps that what I need to do neglect mine, yours’ is beautiful, I planted 2 9 years ago all the experts say it’s rampant and grows big and fast, not so in my garden, on the side of neglect it is more a case of gave up, I noticed some of the trees planted 8-9 years ago I gave up on as they grew a bit then were knocked back each winter seem to be growing, perhaps some plants need neglect, Frances

    • Pauline says:

      It’s nice to know, Frances, that plants can survive without us, or maybe in spite of us. I think mine is here to stay now, hope yours is too.

  2. catmint says:

    My gardening guru Edna Walling, Australian garden designer and writer, once said that everyone should have a garden just a little too large to be really looked after. As I understand it, it means you give plants like the clematis a chance to surprise and impress and show initiative.

    • Pauline says:

      This sounds a very good idea, as I’m getting older, it does take longer to look after the garden. Maybe a more relaxed attitude is needed !

  3. Clematis montana is an amazing vine, and I love the way yours has climbed the tree. I grow mine along my deck railing. It is in bloom right now and looks glorious. I don’t think it needs any real attention once you have planted it–that’s what I like about it.

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