Late Arrivals

From the middle of August the woodland floor comes to life again with the flowers of Cyclamen hederifolium, some deep pink, some pale pink and others white. One of my white cyclamen corms is now huge, it was one of the first plants we put in when we moved here 20 yrs ago.

The ants have moved seed around so they pop up in places  where I know I haven’t planted them and they look so fresh when everything else is looking a bit tired

Cyclamen hederifolium

They really shine out of the shadows and bring the woodland and other shady areas to life once more. Super little plants- wouldn’t be without them.

Cyclamen hederifolium


Other latecomers are the Colchicums which, because they look like a giant crocus, look as though they should flower in the spring. I did have just one variety and as these multiplied so quickly I thought that would be enough, but I couldn’t resist temptation and now have a lovely white one, will this increase at the same rate- I hope so !!


The only problem with Colchicums is that the leaves, which come in the Spring could easily smother surrounding plants as they are so long and lush. I think they are actually meadow plants but seem quite happy in the more open areas of our little woodland as well as on a sunny slope.

Gladiolus papillio

Also flowering late is Gladiolus papillio, these have rather strange looking flowers, unlike any other gladiolus. The corms spread over the years, but never aggressively so they never become a nuisance, and most important of all – they are hardy. I have read that the colours can be described as “bruised” colours and I think that is a very apt description, I certainly couldn’t improve on it.


All of a sudden my variegated Yucca has decided to flower – most years it doesn’t flower at all – so there is great excitement when we see the flower spike forming. We just have to hope that the flowers open some time before the frost arrives!

Mahonia Charity

One of the last flowers to open for us is Mahonia  Charity, when everything else is giving up and fading away, all of a sudden we have the most gorgeous sprays of pale yellow flowers. Not just lovely to look at, but a subtle perfume, similar to vanilla, is there for you to enjoy.


Nerine bowdenii are such beautiful flowers and an unusual colour at this time of year, such a shocking pink, shades of Barbara Cartland. I have tried growing these lovely plants quite a few times but they have never lasted very long on my heavy soil. This time however I will keep them in their pot and sink the pot in the border, hope this works!


It is now late November and the Yucca is flowering beautifully. It has survived quite a few frosts, gales and torrential rain and still looks just as perky as ever. It is a really beautiful flower spike, when it has been raining and is backlit by the sun, the raindrops look just like fairy lights on the Christmas tree.

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